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    Modelled after a real wrecker used by a local towing company. Real wrecker weighs 103,000-pound necessitating 5 axles and special permits to operate in most states. Boom rotates 360 degrees and is poseable. It has a scale 8 feet of travel on the frame. Model is almost completely scratch-built using styrene plastic sheets and structural shapes.
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    Here's some pics of my new 1926 Mack Stake truck. Built box stock with custom built racks and some mild oil and dirt staining which is hard to see in the pictures. This was the log truck version, but I wasn't crazy about the load so I decided to change the bed. I did find certain things that I didn't like in this kit, like poor locater marks and some fitment issues but nothing insurmountable. All in all, I think it looks like a nice model of an historic truck. Sorry about the small pics; for some reason the pictures won't transfer correctly from the camera to the computer.
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    This is currently my only truck build. It's meant to be a Post Apocalypses RV that was patched together from various bits to roam the wasteland. I started with an Autocar Dump Truck and Italeri 20' Container. Reefer unit converted to HVAC system, Air Filtration, Power Fan, Custom front bumper and a frame mounted generator to name a few of the upgrades. Stretched frame, new wheels and tires, pusher axle and many 3d printed parts leads us to where we are today. Occasionally I add a few more bits to it as I find or design files. Hope you enjoy, I know it's a bit different from what you're used to.
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    Last build of the year.
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    I finished this build right before Christmas last year. No frame stretch, just removed sleeper and scratch built the flatbed and fuel tanks.
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    This was a resin conversion from an unknown caster. The chassis was made from spare parts.
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    This was built from an old Mark Savage cab. It has an M11 Cummins from Gary Wallace.
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    It’s the engine that came in the kit with a single turbo, pretty standard fare in the Ertl/AMT International kits. A lot of the parts don’t fit well, got to adjust a lot
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    Moved the hood/cab back to center the front wheels. Used wide front wheels and changed the offset to narrow up the front axle.
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    Finished up the rear axle..... Huge thanks to Driptroit 71 He did a post at Modelcarsmag.com forum in regards to different types of truck air brakes https://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/175424-different-types-of-truck-air-brakes/ I used some of his pictures for reference on this build.
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    I have the factory suspension and axles on. There's no rear cross member yet as I plan to fab one better than the kit. The engine is just sitting in place right now. Brake chamber have yet to be added as I plan to upgrade them and include spring brakes on both axles. The initial run of my upgrade parts. Each one needs a slight amount of adjustments before the final print is made.
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    Since it warmed up to 16`f I decided to do an outside picture..... This shows the air tanks a little bit better as well as the correction that I made to the fuel tank by moving the fuel line back to the rear fittings and adding a line to the sending unit and running it back to the cab area.
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    Just a box stock rendition of the Atlantis reissue, finished with Tamiya paints and Monroe weathering powder. This is the first one I've built out of the box, and now I've started a second. 🤣 Now I need to go through my back issues of Model Cars Magazine and find the series from the 2007 NNL.
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    Here's my new model of a Ford Model AA 1-1/2 ton H.D. Express truck. I know of no '30- '31 Model A closed cab bodies so I had to build this one. It started out as an old 1930 Model a coupe kit. I cut the rear portion of the body off along with the rear part of the top with the rear window. The curved body sides and back panel were scratch built. The rear belt moulding was added along with interior details that were fashioned to fit the cab. The front fenders, hood and grille shell were used from the kit. The chassis, rear axle, springs, rear fenders and express body were all scratch built. The wheels were a set from Scenes Unlimited. Interior of the box is painted Ford gray and the body is finished in Lombard Blue. Note that the body paint is not polished. Ford did not polish the paint on commercial vehicles as a cost saving effort. In late 1930, due to lagging sales, they did offer polishing as an extra cost option on trucks and fleet orders. Today, you'll see very few "restored" Model A trucks that are not polished! The front fender wheel well is made from a rear fender from the kit and the rear fenders are made from layers of plastic then carved and sanded to shape, The bed sleepers are made from wood as is the paneling in the bed. The interior has the exposed wooden structure that would be in a truck, but it's not evident in the photos. Glass is thin sheets of clear plastic cut from a shirt stiffener. Enjoy the photos! Now it's on to figuring out the next project. Maybe a Model of the Walton's express truck!
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    The last is a Great Dane Reefer from the old Ertl kit.
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    Hi all. Glad to find this group. A few months ago I started Global Scale Model Trucks (GSMT) as a new source of resin model truck conversion cabs and parts such as hood conversions. I offer scales 1/24, 1/25, 1/32, 1/34 in smooth 3d printed resin. In addition to American market trucks we offer cabs of trucks found in markets all over the world such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe with more to be added soon. New models and brands will added monthly. Please visit the website to see product offerings and prices and also subscribe to get notifications on new additions. Items are made to order and typically takes 4 to 6 weeks. https://globalscalemodeltrucks.com/
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    I build all my trucks so that no axle turns and agree that is just an accident waiting to happen especially when the grandkid’s are nearby. I do the same but use solid plastic axles and I use Moebius wheelset most of the time. Before glueing the tire/wheel combo on, I will take the time to rotate them, mark them so they all line up well and make contact to the flat surface. Takes time, but to see a finished rig with an inside dual hanging in the air just looks strange.
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    That looks pretty awesome Victor!! I don't like my wheels to roll, at least not on every axle. For me it is an accident waiting to happen! I like to leave the brakes on.
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    This began with a A.I.T.M. Cab. It has an 8v-71 Detroit, Clint Freeman 2 hole Budds, Double Take steer tires and Scenes Unlimited drive tires.
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    Going with the Auslowe exhaust, nice detail and no seams
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    Thanks. Axle assembly more or less done. Dechromed the tanks, and the exhaust stacks & air intake.
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    Heres one of the reference pictures of the back side of the 1:1 engine showing the proper shape and size of the head to intake manifold area
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    It was my birthday yesterday and my son made this Wo-jack meme. Thought I would share it, if it gives anyone else a chuckle. 😄
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    Went with the entire Moebius front floats/super singles set. The battery boxes are in place and I went with the optional roo-bar front bumper.