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    Hi all. Glad to find this group. A few months ago I started Global Scale Model Trucks (GSMT) as a new source of resin model truck conversion cabs and parts such as hood conversions. I offer scales 1/24, 1/25, 1/32, 1/34 in smooth 3d printed resin. In addition to American market trucks we offer cabs of trucks found in markets all over the world such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe with more to be added soon. New models and brands will added monthly. Please visit the website to see product offerings and prices and also subscribe to get notifications on new additions. Items are made to order and typically takes 4 to 6 weeks. https://globalscalemodeltrucks.com/
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    Here's my new model of a Ford Model AA 1-1/2 ton H.D. Express truck. I know of no '30- '31 Model A closed cab bodies so I had to build this one. It started out as an old 1930 Model a coupe kit. I cut the rear portion of the body off along with the rear part of the top with the rear window. The curved body sides and back panel were scratch built. The rear belt moulding was added along with interior details that were fashioned to fit the cab. The front fenders, hood and grille shell were used from the kit. The chassis, rear axle, springs, rear fenders and express body were all scratch built. The wheels were a set from Scenes Unlimited. Interior of the box is painted Ford gray and the body is finished in Lombard Blue. Note that the body paint is not polished. Ford did not polish the paint on commercial vehicles as a cost saving effort. In late 1930, due to lagging sales, they did offer polishing as an extra cost option on trucks and fleet orders. Today, you'll see very few "restored" Model A trucks that are not polished! The front fender wheel well is made from a rear fender from the kit and the rear fenders are made from layers of plastic then carved and sanded to shape, The bed sleepers are made from wood as is the paneling in the bed. The interior has the exposed wooden structure that would be in a truck, but it's not evident in the photos. Glass is thin sheets of clear plastic cut from a shirt stiffener. Enjoy the photos! Now it's on to figuring out the next project. Maybe a Model of the Walton's express truck!
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    Hello all, hope all are well. I am starting my FAVORITE model tuck of all time. The International 4070A. This was really the model that got me going way back in 1976 as the ERTL issue. Fully knowing that I am not the most talented builder is where my trepidation lies on this build. I painted the cab last year and she was put away. Impressed by what Round 2 has presented us sans a lot of the chrome from the 1970's issued kit. I will use the Loadmasters decals as the pictures of the model inside the instructions booklet are what has always been an awesome memory. The only thing I was perplexed by is why they never made the pictures in the instructions in color. I always envisioned the solid painted cab as Testors Red. My example will obviously be Blue and I had a can of Testors One Coat Lacquer DeJa Blue aching to be used. Probably spokes all around for this fleet unit. Will post as I go along. Thanks for looking.
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    Hello, I'm Brian from Topeka. There's a couple names here that I already recognize, Paul, who is a fellow member of the Ad Astra Modeling Club here in Topeka and Dr. Kerry. Got back into model building in 2007 after a 20 year hiatus, Since 2007, I scratch built 1955 and newer Ford, Mercury, Edsel and Lincoln dirt track stock cars. I always told anyone who would give me an ear that if I ever get tired of the dirt track stuff I was moving on to fire apparatus and commercial trucks. In the last few months I have transitioned away from the stock cars and moved on to commercial trucks and fire apparatus. Presently, I am working on the Ford C 900/ Garwood LP 900 trash truck. This is my first truck build, exception being a deuce and half that I scabbed together when I was 9 or 10 years old. As far as the fire apparatus goes, it's American La France 700 series (1947-1959) and the 800 series and American Fire Equipment from the 60's and 70's for me which means a bunch of scratch building to look forward to.
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    The fenders and fender jig are Auslowe parts that I got from ST Supply. The jig is really key to getting everything square and straight. But I had to flat sand the bottom of the fenders so they sat correctly in the jig.
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    Fenders mounted, now detail them out, then paint
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    My order from ST Supply came today with my fenders and fender jig. Liking the looks
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    Beautiful truck. Great color choices. Love the flatbed.
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    It certainly looks the part. Great start on a great project.
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    Scratch built fuel tanks, battery boxes and headache rack turned out well. Now to finish the frame build. I started building this drop deck trailer and injection molding machine this year but stopped, didn’t really have a truck that I thought fit the job. I will finish this trailer for this truck, it looks the part.
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    I also have the re done AMT IH Transtar 4070a that I have cracked open and started somewhat. My clear favorite semi tractor of all time. I am hesitant to move forward as quickly as I should have been all along. But I do not want to screw it up. This one I am set on color(s) and livery. Royal Blue, and the livery will be Loadmasters. I just have to get my courage in order to proceed.
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    Mostly box stock AMT kit in Krylon Colormaxx Matte Sunrise. Eventually it will get dirtied up and loaded with trash. Still debating putting a figure on the back with a high visibility vest and about six inches of butt crack. 🤣 We'll see what happens.
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    She's done & ready to haul some freight!!!