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    Here’s a 359 I built about 18 months ago, but never posted here. Representing a modern day version of a truck that is still serving it’s owner well after all the years. I posted it on the MCM forum, so some of you may have seen it already. It was an enjoyable build, and my second venture into weathering, which I now find to be much easier to build than a showroom clean model - it’s harder to screw it up, mistakes can be disguised. Thanks for checking it out.
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    Thanks guys! The missing/chipped hood paint is the plain white portion of a leftover decal, torn up. Simple and effective.
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    This is a replica of a truck that my dad drove back in the early 80s. I rode many a mile in that truck.
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    Here’s a scratch built RV Conversion on an Italeri Aeromax Chassis, along with a customized 27’ Enclosed Car Hauler, for a weekend warrior that goes to the track in style. The whole project was an enjoyable building experience, and my first major scratch building endeavor. The RV body is curbside, though it does have window shades. Power is a Italeri Detroit Series 60, from a Pete 378 kit. The trailer is detailed on the inside, ready to haul the latest money pit to the track. There’s a lot of aftermarket parts and materials along with scratch built items. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Thanks for looking!
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    Thanks much !
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    Krazy build ! I love the effort ! No one is doing this kind of thing that I know of, this scale is cool. No mistaking this for a classic Roadway R model Mack. Love the wheels. Cant wait to see whats next. Keep up the good work !
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    I thought that these may inspire some great builds: \
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    Got a lot more work done in the past few days including getting all of the major painting done. The Krylon Leaf green is a great color but like other non-automotive paints it is soft and requires a long drying time. Duplicolor is great fast drying stuff but the color selection is just not there for non-metallic colors. The battery boxes are being painted and certain other small details are to be added to the cab.
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    one of the best builds i ever seen did not leve any thing out greet detail just unreal
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    Well, that explains it. A properly modified/factory equipped truck, it was not. Thanks for the info, I was really wondering about this one.
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    This one is a combination of the Ertl Transtar II kit, the latest release of the Ertl IH 4300, and the Ertl Paystar logger kit. The 6v-92 Detroit is from GW trucks. The truck tires are from Double Take Replicas.
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    Thanks again guys. Yes, these are good kits, especially with a few additions. I agree, the number one thing - replace the kit wheels and tires. That itself goes a long way.
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    After a few weeks out on the open road, this Kenworth is ready for some maintenance and a trip to the washbay.
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    Good looking build. The weathering looks great.
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    What he said!! Made it look like it's been worked.
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    great lookin build like the mix match tires do not see that enuff on this kind of build looks great
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    Thanks guys, I imagined it as if it had just come in from the fields during a wet harvest. Run on a budget, the owner only replaces individual tires and other parts as needed.
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    You worked some magic with the snap Pete. She’s a dirty girl 👍
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    This one is mostly stock. The engine was swapped out to a IH V-8 and the wheels swapped with a 4070A and I shortened the frame.
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    This one began with the Ertl kit. The engine is a 6v-92T Detroit diesel. The dump bed was modified. It is meant to look like a refurbished truck that has found new life from someone wanting to start out in the dump trucking business. IMG_4675 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_4646 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_4650 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_4639 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_4641 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_4625 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_4666 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_4676 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_4685 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_4693 by Brian Smith, on Flickr
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    She is complete. I painted the cb antennas and polished the body to remove decal glue and fingerprints.
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    This started with the AMT L8000 car hauler kit. The 3406 Cat is from one of the snap kits. The tanks and front wheels are from Auslowe, The tires are from doubletake, and the decals are from modeltruckin. IMG_9184 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_9127 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_9137 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_9156 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_9123 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_9124 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_9125 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_9099 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_9103 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_9142 by Brian Smith, on Flickr
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    You got the look 100%. Fantastic.
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    Nice redo... sounds like this build has some history!