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    Though it’s not part of a completed truck build yet, I think an engine can be a model in itself. I’ve started my next truck conversion, a 1/24th scale black and chrome Peterbilt 379, and I’ve built a Cat 3406E for it's power. The resin engine is from Moluminum. It wears real Cat yellow, and includes several scratch-built extras. Further detailing will be added when it’s in-frame. It represents a ‘99 15.8l E-Model 3406. Producing 600 plus horsepower, the final generation of these 964 cubic inch beasts were the precursor to the C16. This one has been remanufactured and up-fitted with chrome and ceramic parts, to boost the performance and style. It’s representative of the custom engines from diesel shops that outfit gliders and other owner-operator rigs. Big Cats like this are highly sought-after for their power and pre-emissions reliability. They often find a second life in a glider or show truck. it’s coupled to an 18 speed Eaton Autoshift transmission that’s been up-fitted with a trans oil cooler. The build was detailed using Ken Smith’s Car Modeller 3406E article and online photos for reference, many from Kustom Truck, an Oregon-based glider and diesel shop. I hope you enjoy. Next on the bench: The rolling chassis.
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    This is going to be a curb side build but I did cobble together a Red Diamond 450 engine for it. It is by far not perfect, but keep in mind it will only be seen from underneath.
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    Wow, that is awesome............ looks every bit the exact part, I can't wait to see it installed...
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    I guess if I would have paid attention to the first part of your post I would have seen that it was going to be a 379.😃 Looking forward to seeing another great motorhome build!
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    Your engine looks great! I had one of these years ago from Clint Freeman. I used Ken Smith’s article as well back then. Given the transmission, is this going in one of the Internationals or do have other plans?
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    That’s a beautiful engine! Great job!
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    Hey Casey, everything arrived today. The parts look amazing, I will post pics after they are painted and installed. Once again thanks for the top notch products. I will definitely be buying more.