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  1. 02fusoFG

    AMT Peterbilt 352

    Sometimes you got to set aside a project and let it stew. ....So, what do you do? Start another truck. First up, the front axle and tie rod are pinned with small nails. Next, working to develop a concept for the build. On the paint board are several photos from the internet printed on glossy paper. Old trucker movies are also a good source of inspiration for those who want to capture the original colors of "their time". "Blue" on the right is giving me trouble finding the right color match. I will have to try custom mixing, but don't have any experience or feel for it. My first attempts have been unsuccessful. None of the box decals are ideal, so I will have to buy custom made ones or learn to make my own. Does anybody have a good source? Up next is the paint trial. I don't want to risk ruining the cab. A template of styrene sheet was made to mask the body and try my hand at pinstripes. 3 copies initially are made so that I can play with the technique and the finish coat sheen. A set of machinists radius gauges comes in handy.
  2. 02fusoFG

    AMT Kenworth W-925 with livestock van

    The air lines were quite problematic because they are Super Glue resistant. I tried to make them more pliable with a hair-dryer. Holes were drilled into the trailer to simulate a hook-up. Going to call this one done and move to the "showroom". Might add a few pics once I've finished a backdrop.
  3. This mini-vacuum is the best $20 you will ever spend. You can order it on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074SJLGXW?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details As you know, building a model is full of challenges and one of them is keeping parts and the work area clean. This little tool has just the right amount suction to gently remove the styrene dust and shavings that get everywhere. I cannot recommend it enough. It is always at my side.
  4. 02fusoFG

    AMT Diamond Reo with logging trailer

    When I snapped an axle while removing a tire, I decided they were not up to snuff. Holes were drilled and new brass rod was installed. Side by side comparison of tires. "Tip Top Shop" and "Weekend Wrenchin' " arrived by delivery. Replaced the exhaust stack with a photo etch and resin kit by Auslowe. Details for the front bumper. This is now Double P Logging Company truck #39. How the colors turned out is now easy to see. A few details lefts, and it will be done . The question is "do I leave it clean?" Is this the end, or the start?
  5. 02fusoFG

    My Autocar A64B

    6 days on the road and I'm gonna make it home... tonight.
  6. 02fusoFG

    Peterbilt 358 twin stick 1100 cab

    May I ask were you got the wheels/tires ?
  7. 02fusoFG

    AMT Kenworth W-925 with livestock van

    7'6" 1/24 scale "Mike Barrington" had to have shoulder surgery (both), lose 50lbs from his back side, and both feet amputated in order to fit inside. I was feeling miffed, so it was done without anesthesia.
  8. 02fusoFG

    AMT Kenworth W-925 with livestock van

    The KW-925 is nearing the finish line. 5th wheel grease is Tamiya gray putty applied with a toothpick and then painted 50:50 X-1 black and X-9 brown. Not sure how to make the trailer air line hang "naturally". I want to keep this kit "stock". A bit of texture for gravel and mud splash was done with flocking and paint.
  9. Kit #2: My ambition is to build most of the AMT truck kits to get a feel for how to go from start to finish, learn the common techniques, and to also find which AMT kit will become my favorite. After I have a couple of builds under my belt, I hope to purchase several (3?) copies of the "chosen" subject and attempt some really advanced building. My hope is to throw some really great paint, like a Peterbilt with a 6-color color scheme, polished, piano hinges, full plumbing and wiring, lights, maybe smoke(?). It is ambitious. Time will tell. After test fitting the Diamond Reo, this will not be my chosen subject. The kit has several big fails. The hood and rear axles are poorly fitted. I have heard the "AMT Freightliner" also has major flaws ( I still want to build one). The wheels and tires are nice. I will keep this in mind as a future donor kit. Satisfied with attempted plumbing of the engine. The hardest part was doing the research. My son had mentioned that "getting the right color is everything". I didn't understand this at the time he said it, but do now. My "Cummins Yellow" is a 50:50 mix X-8 Lemon Yellow: XF-88 Dark Yellow2 plus X-20A thinner for the gun. Doing some visual comparison of the kit mud flaps vs. an aftermarket part from Sour Kraut Model Trucks. I'm going to use the aftermarkets because the kit mudguards are unusable with a tilting hood. https://www.sourkrautsmodeltrucks.net/ Began to question my color choice. But am not willing to start over. I don't like this kit enough to care. Will continue by "faith" that the decals along with some in-service weathering will rescue it. Dash and interior detail is "good enough" for under the over-thick glass canopy. Not satisfied with the kit exhaust stack. Might replace with an aftermarket and scratch-built brackets. Also suspect the AMT trailer tires are over-sized.
  10. 02fusoFG

    Dodge D800 Dump

  11. 02fusoFG

    Dodge D800 Dump

    That's a real bitchin' ride ! I love the "for sale" sign, it gives the model "life". I find the mirror brackets and brake cylinder lines impressive, along with the heater hose. Color really fits the era (imo). And look at the iconic air (oil bath ?) cleaner...
  12. The theme of this build is a farm truck that is nearing the end of it's service life and is no longer loved by the hired help. It is spring and the ground is muddy. I am satisfied with how the wooden sliding door and the "rusted" exhaust turned out, especially because the techniques used were a "first time" experience for me. The hood decals were a disaster and broke instantly while trying to get them in place, so I ended up having to paint the body stripes.
  13. 02fusoFG

    Hello from Minnesota

    Hello, my name is Jason. I like trucks and models, but don't know much about either. I have an adult son who likes to build tanks, and he helped me get started with using an air brush. Model building is a way for us to have a common interest. I'm learning fast with the help from the internet, but the curve is very steep at this point. Made lots of errors with my first truck kit, an AMT Kenworth W-925. - Thank you for any technical help and glad to be aboard MTB.