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  1. The boredom has worn off, and I am back on the bench. A new journey begins. Now beginning my 4th build, IMO I have realized the painting and detailing of the cab is the most critical part of the model. This will be an experiment. 5 kits will be built. Some of the mundane assembly and painting will be "production-lined" to save time with set-up and clean-up. I will try new things and test the limit of my skills. Failure is learning. One (or more) of the kits will probably be sacrificed and end up in the junkyard. I will try different paint schemes. It will also allow me to choose the "best of _____ part" for a showroom build. At the Cummins factory, holes are drilled for brass rod. It will be nice to not have to relearn every step. Some of these are from other kits with variations. "The Seem" First attempt at cutting out the doors was done with an X-Acto knife (an impossible task). The panel scriber worked much better (but still required an insane amount of patience - be prepared to take your time). A template of the floor is made for quick fabrication in the future. Pockets are fabricated for the new door handles. A thin piece of sheet is glued to support and guide an more natural curve on this PE part. The windshield wiper is carefully removed, I am getting lots of practice in manipulating the styrene.
  2. 02fusoFG

    AMT Peterbilt 352

    I have "embraced" PE (photo-etch) and am learning to work with the new material. Every part is now a learning experience. The details are removed. The fuel tank steps and straps gave me lots of trouble with adhesion. Most glues do not work well, and the steps had to be soldered. A piece of bathroom tissue is used with Elmer's Glue mixed with water. I have also taken the leap into adding some plumbing and wiring to this build. Thin thread for electrical wire, .020" & .030" styrene rod for air lines, and telephone wire for the transmission. The interior sub-assembly is finished and set aside.
  3. 02fusoFG

    AMT Diamond Reo with logging trailer

    Up next is the Pete, and my mind is already three builds ahead. I miss scrapping styrene and sniffing glue (orange flavor) and need the space on the bench, so it is time to push this truck along. Some of the clean "before" photos. Bare bones. A view from the rear. It came as a surprise to me at how "perfect" it came together. Sure turned out pretty. Maybe too pretty. A perfect yellow rack and bunk doesn't seem possible (in my imagination) for a logging truck. Rust, chipped paint, and bare metal from wear was the effect I was aiming for. The fan (depth) wasn't fitting right, so I drilled a hole through the engine block and mounted it on a brass rod. Now it could be adjusted wherever for final assembly. Careful painting of the pulleys and belts also added a nice touch. The underside was turning out nicely, so it was time to stop. A view of the dash thru the back window. (120 ?,, I don't think so...ha!. kmh?) I forgot to add a driver, or any misc. debris to the interior. It was already glued in place and too late. Bought this product and it works fantastic. Will definitely be playing around with it in future. Used Vallejo Acrylic heavily watered down as a wash to add some grime and streaking to the rear of the cab. A sixty thousands (.060) shim was added between the axle and leaf spring on the driver's side to give the frame a bit of twist (torque). It is very subtle and you might not notice (only subconsciously, which is the best kind of affect). The mirror brackets are four pieces glued together and were very intimidating to build. We are nearing the finish line. I joke with my adult son on how AMT expected kids to build these kits.
  4. 02fusoFG

    AMT Diamond Reo with logging trailer

    The Rubicon has been crossed (can't go back). For better or worse....
  5. 02fusoFG

    AMT Peterbilt 352

    Option #1 it is.
  6. 02fusoFG

    AMT Peterbilt 352

  7. It was my birthday yesterday and my son made this Wo-jack meme. Thought I would share it, if it gives anyone else a chuckle. 😄
  8. 02fusoFG

    AMT Peterbilt 352

    Sometimes you got to set aside a project and let it stew. ....So, what do you do? Start another truck. First up, the front axle and tie rod are pinned with small nails. Next, working to develop a concept for the build. On the paint board are several photos from the internet printed on glossy paper. Old trucker movies are also a good source of inspiration for those who want to capture the original colors of "their time". "Blue" on the right is giving me trouble finding the right color match. I will have to try custom mixing, but don't have any experience or feel for it. My first attempts have been unsuccessful. None of the box decals are ideal, so I will have to buy custom made ones or learn to make my own. Does anybody have a good source? Up next is the paint trial. I don't want to risk ruining the cab. A template of styrene sheet was made to mask the body and try my hand at pinstripes. 3 copies initially are made so that I can play with the technique and the finish coat sheen. A set of machinists radius gauges comes in handy.
  9. 02fusoFG

    AMT Kenworth W-925 with livestock van

    The air lines were quite problematic because they are Super Glue resistant. I tried to make them more pliable with a hair-dryer. Holes were drilled into the trailer to simulate a hook-up. Going to call this one done and move to the "showroom". Might add a few pics once I've finished a backdrop.
  10. This mini-vacuum is the best $20 you will ever spend. You can order it on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074SJLGXW?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details As you know, building a model is full of challenges and one of them is keeping parts and the work area clean. This little tool has just the right amount suction to gently remove the styrene dust and shavings that get everywhere. I cannot recommend it enough. It is always at my side.
  11. 02fusoFG

    AMT Diamond Reo with logging trailer

    When I snapped an axle while removing a tire, I decided they were not up to snuff. Holes were drilled and new brass rod was installed. Side by side comparison of tires. "Tip Top Shop" and "Weekend Wrenchin' " arrived by delivery. Replaced the exhaust stack with a photo etch and resin kit by Auslowe. Details for the front bumper. This is now Double P Logging Company truck #39. How the colors turned out is now easy to see. A few details lefts, and it will be done . The question is "do I leave it clean?" Is this the end, or the start?
  12. 02fusoFG

    My Autocar A64B

    6 days on the road and I'm gonna make it home... tonight.
  13. 02fusoFG

    Peterbilt 358 twin stick 1100 cab

    May I ask were you got the wheels/tires ?
  14. 02fusoFG

    AMT Kenworth W-925 with livestock van

    7'6" 1/24 scale "Mike Barrington" had to have shoulder surgery (both), lose 50lbs from his back side, and both feet amputated in order to fit inside. I was feeling miffed, so it was done without anesthesia.