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AMT Peterbilt 352

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Sometimes you got to set aside a project and let it stew.  ....So, what do you do?  Start another truck.

First up, the front axle and tie rod are  pinned with small nails.


Next, working to develop  a concept for the build.   
On the paint board are several photos from the internet printed on glossy paper.   
Old trucker movies are also a good source of inspiration for those who want to capture the original colors of  "their time". 


"Blue" on the right is giving me trouble finding  the right color match.  I will have to try custom mixing, but don't have any experience or feel for it.   My first attempts have been unsuccessful.

None of the box decals are ideal, so I will have to buy custom made ones or learn to make my own.   Does anybody have a good source?

Up next is the paint trial.   I don't want to risk ruining the cab.   A template of styrene sheet was made to mask the body and try my hand at pinstripes.
3 copies initially  are made so that I can play with the  technique and the finish coat sheen.

A set of machinists radius gauges comes in handy.


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Looks like you're off to a great start -- Carry on, please.

And I think it's good that you've moved your toolbox over onto your cutting board -- saves all that walking back and forth across the room every time you need a tool.


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