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Ford T8000 dump
This began with a Ford Louisville dump. Cab by Dan, scratch built 6v-53 Detroit Diesel engine.








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1953 Reo Rescue is done
With the installation of some equipment and tools this build is now complete.  On to the next one!
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Ford CL9000
Ford CL9000 by Brian Dutz.
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Peterbilt 358 twin stick 1100 cab
This is an AMT 359 1100 cab kit with a Bill Drennen conversion. 8v-71 Detroit power with a Spicer 4x4 twin stick transmission.










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1948 Sterling HC 175
The Reo has gone to the caster.  Here's what is next.  A nice compact Sterling to build into a heavy duty dump.  The West Coast version was modified by shortening the hood and changing the chrome trim to louvers.  The radiator was also modifiedl
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Dodge L1000
Here are a few pics of my latest build. Cab is from AITM, chassis is the AMT GMC cabover. 
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1950 Ford F4 Wrecker
I was building this as filler for my Leach unit. Rear wrecker body and rear chassis is modified from the Encore Model Bedford break down truck. The front chassis and cab is a modified Monogram '50 Ford F1 cab and chassis. The Bedford front axle was modified to fit he Ford chassis. The cab fenders were re radiused and the fender bottoms lengthened to F4 design. wheels and tires are from the Bedford.  The kit boom is a licensed copy of a late 1940 Manley hand crank unit. The vintage Bang Bar is scratch build. Beacon light is aluminum tube and an Orange LED.  Up graded the engine to an early 1950's Desoto 354 Hemi.  Paint is Krylon and decals are parts box. Ford and F4 are Modelcar Garage Photo etch.  The headlights in the last photo are coated with thinned Tamiya Clear Smoke. I feel it makes the look more realistic with shadows and shiny areas.   Fun build.  Paul


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Recent builds
I figured rather than start a bunch of topics, I’d lump them all into one. Built these during my time off due to COVID-19.

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1914 Dennis
Ancient AirFix 1/32 scale kit of the London Fire Brigades 1914 DENNIS. The real unit served from 1917 up to the late 1940's and served all through the London Blitz. The kit has minor detailing and Tamiya lacquer paint. This is one of the only ones I've seen built.

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AMT KENWORTH Alaskan Hauler
Finished this build today. 
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Ford Aeromax 120 RV Conversion and Custom Galaxie Enclosed Trailer
Here’s a scratch built RV Conversion on an Italeri Aeromax Chassis, along with a customized 27’ Enclosed Car Hauler, for a weekend warrior that goes to the track in style. 

The whole project was an enjoyable building experience, and my first major scratch building endeavor.

The RV body is curbside, though it does have window shades.

Power is a Italeri Detroit Series 60, from a Pete 378 kit. The trailer is detailed on the inside, ready to haul the latest money pit to the track.


There’s a lot of aftermarket parts and materials along with scratch built items. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Thanks for looking!
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Something different from a snap together kenworth kit
Something different from a snap-together Kenworth kit.
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Mack B61 fuel hauler
This build is in the books.  My first full resin truck build went well. The trailer is from Lindberg and the truck is from AITM. 
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Revell Peterbilt 359 Farm Truck
Here’s a 359 I built about 18 months ago, but never posted here. Representing a modern day version of a truck that is still serving it’s owner well after all the years. I posted it on the MCM forum, so some of you may have seen it already. It was an enjoyable build, and my second venture into weathering, which I now find to be much easier to build than a showroom clean model - it’s harder to screw it up, mistakes can be disguised.

Thanks for checking it out.
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Transtar II Log Truck
This one is a combination of the Ertl Transtar II kit, the latest release of the Ertl IH 4300, and the Ertl Paystar logger kit. The 6v-92 Detroit is from GW trucks. The truck tires are from Double Take Replicas.









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Mashpee 354 is finished.
This is on the workbench and will eventually be a model of Mashpee 354, a brush truck for the Town of Mashpee Fire Department. The cab is an Illini Replicas casting. Frame is from an Ertl kit and was extended. Tires are resin castings made from a 3D printed master. The engine is re-worked from a 1941 Chevy kit engine.
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My kenworth w900 and reefer trailer
Kenworth W900 and Reefer
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1932 Mack AP
A scratch built 1932 Mack AP used in constructing Boulder Dam.  Chassis is a stretched AC frame and modified wheels for hard rubber in the rear and pneumatic tires in front.  The radiator was stretched also.  Body is constructed of sheet plastic stock.  Chains and sprockets at the rear wheels are from MicroMark.  
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Peterbilt 378-119
Check out the detail on this beautiful Pete by Mark 1.
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Overnight Done Right!
Driptroit 71's restored Overnight fleet truck. Its a combination of the DM 600 kit and the R-Model kit with rear tires, wheels and suspension are from A.I.T.M.



IMG_4446 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


IMG_4462 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


IMG_4475 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


IMG_4482 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


Here is the Inspiration truck:

IMG_8545 by Brian Smith, on Flickr
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Poor old AutoCar
Paul built this one as a a picked over junk yard dog.


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37 Chevrolet Road Tractor
Driptroit71 built this one from the AMT Orange Blossom Special kit. It is meant to represent an old barn find. I think he nailed it!


IMG_1510 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


IMG_1525 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


IMG_1527 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


IMG_1530 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


IMG_1534 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


IMG_1386 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

IMG_1390 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

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GMC 9500 Tandem Tractor
Another Cornbinder beauty!! AITM cab conversion perched atop an AMT GMC Astro 95 chassis.
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C-F Freightliner COE
Lee from Classic Trick Modeler Magazine built this beauty from the the AMT Freightliner SD kit. It's easy to see why its his "favorite truck build so far."
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1969 Diamond Reo Dump Truck
Check out this awesome 69 Diamond Reo Dump Truck by 41Chevy.


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