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  1. Brian Dutz


    That is looking sharp!
  2. Brian Dutz

    WC-52 and fire pump trailer

    Beautiful as always. Your builds never cease to amaze!
  3. Brian Dutz

    "EMERGENCY" squad 10

    One of my favorite shows growing up. Very nice build.
  4. Brian Dutz

    Ford Louisville Flat bed

    Great looking build.
  5. Brian Dutz

    Weathered Autocar

    Just finished weathering the Autocar. I will add the tri-axle dump trailer soon.
  6. Brian Dutz

    Dodge D800 Dump

    That color looks great. Nice looking build.
  7. Brian Dutz

    Moebius 53’ trailer

    Thank you.
  8. Brian Dutz

    Moebius 53’ trailer

    That’s straight out of the kit. Once I applied the decals, I covered with a coat of Future.
  9. Brian Dutz

    Ford CL9000

    Thanks everyone!
  10. Brian Dutz

    1953 Reo Rescue is done

    As always, just amazing!
  11. Brian Dutz

    Hi from New Mexico From a old drag racer and model builder

    Hello and welcome!
  12. Brian Dutz

    Hi from Northeast PA.

    Welcome to the forum.
  13. Brian Dutz

    Hello from Colorado

    Hello! Glad to have you
  14. Brian Dutz


    Thanks for joining.
  15. Brian Dutz

    Hi from Vt.!

    Hello and welcome!