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  1. Super cool build. Looks awesome!
  2. Brian Dutz

    1948 Sterling HC 175

    Nice progress. Moving along very nicely.
  3. Brian Dutz

    Mack B61 fuel hauler

    Your are correct. The air breather has only a single hose and I believe the movie truck had a duel hose. I think there is an issue with the cab as well, not sure though. I will definitely do my research before I build.
  4. Brian Dutz

    Mack B61 fuel hauler

    Agreed. I have several resin cabs and the full Rubber Duck Mack kit as well. The RD Mack parts look great and the assembly Should be fairly easy. I really look forward to diving into these soon.
  5. Brian Dutz

    Mack B61 fuel hauler

    Thank you. This kit wasn’t bad at all. I had continually talked myself out of starting the kit many times for fear of the unknown. AITM has some great castings and everything went together well. I soaked the parts overnight in a a bath of Dawn dishwashing soap and used a gray automotive primer as a base. The Krylon red and yellow paints adhered perfectly.
  6. Brian Dutz

    Mack B61 fuel hauler

    Thank you. Thanks Brian.
  7. Brian Dutz

    1948 Sterling HC 175

    Great work,I really enjoy watching your builds.
  8. Brian Dutz

    Weathered AMT K-123

    Thank you. Evidently so, lol.
  9. Brian Dutz

    AITM Mack B 61 and fuel tanker

    Hello Jeff, thanks for the compliments. This build was my first full resin kit build. I have been holding off on building it because I was a little worried about how difficult it would be. The build was very straight forward and easy. I just needed to make sure the rear axle alignment was correct. The glass was the most difficult part of the build. 41Chevy gave a great tip on installing the glass and I feel that will work great on my next build. The glass is included with the kit and comes with templates for the basic shape, you just have to do a little extra trim to fit. As far as kit quality, Dave’s resin kits are awesome and well worth the price.
  10. Brian Dutz

    Mack B61 fuel hauler

    This build is in the books. My first full resin truck build went well. The trailer is from Lindberg and the truck is from AITM.
  11. Brian Dutz

    Mashpee 354 is finished.

    I so agree.
  12. Brian Dutz

    AITM Mack B 61 and fuel tanker

    You make a good point. It’s hard to recruit good drivers nowadays. I could see things change towards the end of my driving time. The quality and caliber are just not there any longer. There are some really great drivers out there, don’t get me wrong but not like there used to be.
  13. Brian Dutz

    AITM Mack B 61 and fuel tanker

    The two hand shifting must have been crazy. I learned how to drive a truck in the service. It was a Ford C600 pulling a flatbed. Many, many moons ago.
  14. Brian Dutz

    Long time lurker, now joined

    Thanks for coming to the front of the class. Glad to have you.
  15. Brian Dutz

    AITM Mack B 61 and fuel tanker

    Thank you. These style Mack’s look awesome. That would have been a great truck to learn in.