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  1. Brian Dutz

    GMC General

    This truck is an absolute beauty!
  2. Brian Dutz

    1930 Model AA truck model

    Really like this build! Nice work.
  3. Brian Dutz

    5600 International heavy hauler

    Super sharp build Gary!
  4. Brian Dutz

    Carolina Freight B-61 Mack

    Great looking build. One of my favorite trucks.
  5. Brian Dutz

    Carolina Fleet Finished

    Great looking fleet! The Carolina decals do look cool.
  6. Brian Dutz

    POWERLINER TRI Axle Wrecker

    Thanks Brian!
  7. Brian Dutz

    Carolina Freight Ford F8000

    Great looking build, Brian! I’m not a Ford guy but the trucks do look tough.
  8. Brian Dutz

    POWERLINER TRI Axle Wrecker

    Thanks, Johnny! I first saw the powerliner crew cab on an old forum. It had Eaton livery and was hooked to a flatbed and looked pretty cool. The truck looked as though it was used to haul test transmissions to and from the manufacturing plant. I liked the look of the cab and thought it would look good on the wrecker chassis. It could definitely be used on some rescue applications too.
  9. Brian Dutz

    POWERLINER TRI Axle Wrecker

    Thank you!
  10. Finally finishing the wrecker. The build took longer than expected but I think it came out well. I used the Revell of Germany Stepps Peterbilt wrecker as the major components for the build. 3D printed items include the POWERLINER cab ( designed by 3dmodlermon on CG Trader), additional storage box, rear wheels and tires, and air horns. Decals came from the reissue AMT reefer trailer and various other kits. The color is rose gold over black automotive black primer. The interior is caramel with black seats. The interior was made from 2 AMT Freightliner kits. The upholstery was made from the seal of a coffee can.
  11. Brian Dutz

    1966 Kenworth Drag Truck

    Super cool.
  12. Brian Dutz

    New rendition of an old favorite....

    Really like this one. I’ve always liked the look of the 750, but don’t have the skill to scratch build. Excellent work here.
  13. Brian Dutz

    Light duty KW W900 single drive wrecker...

    I like the look of the single axle. Nice work.
  14. Brian Dutz

    1973 Ford C-900

    Nice looking garbage truck!