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  1. Brian Dutz

    1983 IH F-2674 Tri-axle Dump

    Super build!
  2. Brian Dutz

    Freightliner with extended flatbed

    Good looking build, Pops! Looks amazing.
  3. Brian Dutz

    Freightliner COE Dual Drive

    Good looking build. Nice job.
  4. Brian Dutz

    Peterbilt 378-119

    Absolutely beautiful!
  5. Brian Dutz

    Autocar A64B

    Very nice.
  6. Brian Dutz

    My kenworth w900 and reefer trailer

    Very good looking, clean build. Great job!
  7. Brian Dutz

    New AMT Peterbilt

    Thanks, Pops. The build went together really well.
  8. Brian Dutz

    AMT Peterbilt 359

    Thanks all. She is finished. I will post pics soon.
  9. Brian Dutz

    New AMT Peterbilt

    The newly issued Pete is out of final assembly. Still needs decals and touch up paint. Not using the kits large strips on this one.
  10. Brian Dutz

    AMT Peterbilt 359

    Here is an early shot of what’s on the bench. Still have work to do but it’s coming along.
  11. Brian Dutz

    1969 White 7400 Hudson Transportation

    Very nice build.
  12. Brian Dutz


    Hello, I am new to the blog and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Brian and I have been building since my early years. I look forward to reading and participating in future conversations. I have included pics of some recent builds.
  13. I have several projects in mind and on the bench. I currently have two military builds on the bench. An Italeri ambulance and Dragon Tiger. After these are finished, it will be back to the AMT Peterbilt.