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  1. 38,000 rears and 12.000 steer.
  2. The unit was originally a fleet tractor with single rails. It was stretched close to 3 feet, a dual wheel lift axle and contracted to haul cold planed asphalt. DOT cited it for a tad under 15,000 lbs. over weight, improper chassis modes and not CDL for driver. THe chassis broke where it was BUTT welded with only a 1/4" x8"x10" fish plate over splice.
  3. Today's lesson is why OTR units do not make good tri axle dump truck! http://Hosted on Fotki
  4. 41CHEVY

    Truck stuff

    Thank you both. When I get back home from the Quarry this weekend and sit down I'll post up some goodies. Paul
  5. 41CHEVY

    Truck stuff

    If you would like I have many photos, promo items, spec sheets and goodies from 47 years driving, building and restoring real units that I could post up. My daily unit is a Marmon conventional and restoration projects are a number of AC MACKS. Paul
  6. 41CHEVY

    Mashpee 354 is finished.

    I see a lot of Cape Cod style rigs with that set up but in their defense I've seen demos of the pushing trees over with them. My hood was made from some car body and 1/350 scale ship hull parts. What powers that unit? multi fuel engine or up grade to diesel?
  7. 41CHEVY

    AITM Mack B 61 and fuel tanker

    You're right, now days just seat warmers, no pride, no real skills and no desire to learn any of it. I was just called back to do a quarry haul because the new automatics can't get out of the pits. Seems they done have a deep reduction like the sticks. Lucky my Marmon wasn't tagged with antique plates yet. If you're close to southern Maine you can take a drive in my '58 B773 not cramped because of the LJ series cab. Still quad box with a Brownie so it is 3 sticks, but up graded power to a tip turbine 315h.p.
  8. 41CHEVY


    Most likely his end, it is usually a renewal or up date issue for the stores. Paul
  9. 41CHEVY

    AITM Mack B 61 and fuel tanker

    Quad box with 2 hand shifting, air assist steering, hot in summer, cold in winter and for someone who is 6' 2" 210 lbs not a lot of room. But I still love them.
  10. 41CHEVY


    My system blocked it as a potential security risk for SSL issues.
  11. 41CHEVY

    Long time lurker, now joined

    Welcome to the group Jeff. Paul
  12. 41CHEVY

    AITM Mack B 61 and fuel tanker

    Very nicely done. I seem to be partial to Macks any how since I learned to drive and took my CDL test in a 1962 B81SX
  13. 41CHEVY

    Mack Garbage truck project

    I talked to a computer whiz about scanning it for 3d printing.
  14. 41CHEVY

    AITM Mack B 61 and fuel tanker

    Very nice! I had a photo tutorial on an easy easy to do the glass, but your unit is already painted so it would not work. Basically I use a pair of dividers to mark a line from the outside of the body on all the openings. Take a Dremell 10mm diameter barrel mill on slow speed and mill a channel inside the openings. You can than set the glass up to the body close to the outer edges. The glass has a 1/8 glue area all around and does not need to be an exact fit to the opening. I need to search out the photos after the P.Bucket thing. Paul
  15. 41CHEVY

    Mack Garbage truck project

    No new progress for a bit, I ended up putting my Marmon back hauling granite blocks for a quarry near me in Maine for a local bridge project. Seems the new units with automatics can't "make the grade"