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  1. Really cool! Nice work, love that old MOPAR inside!
  2. discodave

    Peterbilt 358 twin stick 1100 cab

    Looks like fun!
  3. That poor Mack.... I bet she stopped pretty quick! May need a little asphalt repair? Another bad dog owner strikes again.
  4. discodave

    New Forum

    This may add some nice reference pics.... a little discussion too! Nice
  5. discodave

    1948 Sterling HC 175

    Cool! About what year will this one be modeled after?
  6. discodave

    Long time lurker, now joined

    Hello, welcome
  7. discodave

    Revell Peterbilt 359 Farm Truck

    Well done. That grease.... I can smell it from here 👍🏻
  8. discodave

    Mack Garbage truck project

    Looks like fun!
  9. discodave

    Transtar II Log Truck

    Looks great all wrapped up! I would also like to see a re-release, have one in my stash already. Sorta like potato chips.... just can’t have one. Nice work
  10. discodave

    Model magazines

    Thanks! I’ve found a few randomly online..... this will help.
  11. discodave

    Transtar II Log Truck

    👍🏻 Almost there.
  12. discodave

    1948 Sterling HC 175

  13. discodave

    Transtar II Log Truck

    Now that you mention the donor, I do recognize the frame rail. Yes, the kits were made for building. Keep having fun!
  14. discodave

    Hello from across the pond

  15. discodave

    Transtar II Log Truck

    Nice.... I like it when builders take these rare kits and build them. I can hear those kit collectors cry a little! 🤣