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  1. discodave

    Mashpee 354 International R190

    Nice progress. That’s going to be pretty cool when finished.
  2. discodave

    Mashpee 354 International R190

  3. discodave

    AMT Peterbilt 359

    Cali hauler? Cool
  4. discodave

    1969 White 7400 Hudson Transportation

    Nice build..... sad ending for the truck though.
  5. discodave

    1/32 Mack B-61 Tandem axle Tractor

    Those B cabs are always cool! Sweet little build.
  6. discodave

    AMT Autocar A64B

    Nice clean build! Like that color combo.
  7. discodave

    Hi, newbie from UK !

    Hello Eminox!
  8. discodave


    Welcome to the group, nice build collection... have fun.
  9. I like it! Full fenders will be a nice touch later on, well done interior also.
  10. Cool! Nice work with the hood, well done.
  11. Thank you! With the quality of builds shown here, good to be part of the group and post something worthy. I enjoyed the build, kit is not bad for its age.
  12. Thought I replied already.... just not quoted. Brackets are kit, much fine sanding to take the bulk out. I tried to stuff some detail anyplace I could. Splash guards, inner fender and rears, are thin mail ad magnets cut to shape. Thanks man, sorry for the delay in a reply. One missed button push....
  13. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the pics! Mirror brackets are the kit ones...
  14. discodave