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  1. Chariots of Fire

    Reo Gold Comet

    That must have been quite a rig if it was 6x6!
  2. Chariots of Fire

    Reo Gold Comet

    Here's an update on progress. Using some "H" hinges from Micro-Mark the doors have been mounted but instead of using the small brass pins that come with the hinges I have used a piece of stainless steel wire. That way I can keep the hinges in alignment and at the correct location so that the doors will open without tilting up or down. The doors themselves have been shimmed also with strips of plastic that bring the openings back even after the scribing process. The doors as well as the door jamb is notched to accept the hinge halves. CA is used to set them in place and then small nails complete the process. Holes in the hinges are drilled into the resin and the nails set in CA. Then the nail heads are ground down so that the hinge can close without binding. It's a pretty secure process that has been used on multiple models with this type of door hinge assembly and it has worked well. The biggest challenge is to be sure that the CA does not get into the joint of the hinge when it's applied. Small doses are the best anecdote.
  3. Chariots of Fire

    Reo Gold Comet

    Hi, Vince. Lansing is a ways away although I did go to U-M in Ann Arbor back in the day. It's about a 15 hour ride from where I am. Another day and a bit younger I might be convinced to make the trip!🤓
  4. Chariots of Fire

    Reo Gold Comet

    Unfortunately, no. It would have taken some effort trying to do it in a 2 piece mold. Things like fan belt pulleys, the generator, distributor, manifolds would probably still have to be made separate.
  5. Chariots of Fire

    Reo Gold Comet

    Here are a few updates on the build. The engine is complete and is now mounted on the frame. The floorboard position is set. The hood has some brass hinges and a rod that holds it open when raised. I painted the two front wheels with some blue spray paint I found in a Michaels craft store. The edges are silver and eventually the center hub will be painted Molotow chrome. I'll wait on that so it doesn't get messed up during the building process. In addition the front bumper was set aside and a new one was made of brass strip stock. Once it was cleaned up it was nickel plated. The piece holding it to the fenders is plastic sheet stock that was epoxied to the back of the bumper.
  6. Chariots of Fire

    Reo Gold Comet

    Yesterday I got the bumper done and did a bit of tweaking on the fenders to correct the shape. I think the bumper could have used a little more polishing as there are some spots that look a little dull. Overall it's not bad. Now it's on to the engine and getting something close to a Gold Comet.
  7. Chariots of Fire

    Reo Gold Comet

    The green and black Reo has gone to another builder. Now it's back to the Port Vue Reo. Lots of re-working things. The cab doors have been cut free and the hood is open. I recently made a new front bumper from brass using the resin casting as a template. After soldering the face of the bumper to two pieces of brass sheet top and bottom, It was trimmed to shape, smoothed out and then given a nickel plating bath. It came out nicely. Will provide a pic soon.
  8. Chariots of Fire

    Pierce Enforcer 1750 pumper

    This rig was recently finished. Started back in September with basic drawings and photos. Model is 15" long and is 1/25 scale.
  9. Chariots of Fire

    Pierce Enforcer

    Here's an update. Lots of little things added that might not be obvious at first sight but there is more to go!
  10. Chariots of Fire

    Pierce Enforcer

    Been working on the actual pump panel. The Trumpeter panel is nice but not Pierce. So here is where it is as of tonite.
  11. 5 minute epoxy is mixed 1:1 parts A and B. Best thing about it is that it does not set up immediately but allows for location adjustment. Secures to just about any surface including resin. Can be found in small packages at hardware stores and big box stores. It will move so parts to be secured should be set flat or otherwise held in position until the epoxy is fully cured.
  12. Chariots of Fire

    Pierce Enforcer

    HI, Vince. Saw your post on MCM forum. Sorry to say the number of modern pieces I have is quite small. And most of them go back to the 80's and 90's. This is the first real modern rig I have done in some time.
  13. Chariots of Fire

    Pierce Enforcer

    The body is now in primer and a pump panel is set in place just to see how it looks. The actual panel has a much different layout. This one came direct from the Trumpeter ALF kit. The kit panel has the large diameter gate valve like what is shown; a nice detail that I will keep for further projects. All I did to the panel was paint it flat black, add the three polished aluminum face plates around the discharges and to the rest up with Bare Metal Foil and a Molotow pen. I'll prime the body one more time and sand lightly before going to final paint. The body will be red with silver roll up doors. The orange/yellow striping on the sides will be extended full length. The rear will get the red/yellow treatment the same as the front bumper.
  14. Chariots of Fire

    15.8L Caterpillar 3406E Custom Reman

    Nice piece of work! Lots and lots of details. I like it!
  15. Chariots of Fire

    1948 Sterling HC 175

    Dennis: Are you using the AITM casting for the cab and hood? Give a shout it I can help in any way.