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  1. Chariots of Fire


    This WC-63 is classified as a 1.5 Ton 6x6 Personnel and Equipment Carrier. Dodge built tons of these for WW-2. This unit is scratch built at 1/25 scale. The trailer pump is the same one I did for the WC-52 project. Both the 52 and 63 were used by fire fighting platoons during the war.
  2. Chariots of Fire

    WC-52 and fire pump trailer

    I'll be working on the WC-s cousin the WC-63 soon. It will be a 1.5 ton version that is 4 feet longer and had a tandem axle setup for 6x6 drive. Same front end and body style; just longer.
  3. Chariots of Fire

    WC-52 and fire pump trailer

    That's a Dodge built T-214 engine, Vince. I had some good pictures of one in a military manual reprint and also a diecast one in a Danbury Mint '41 Plymouth pickup to draw from. The engine is scratch built. Incidentally the same engine is in the WC-52 as well.
  4. Chariots of Fire

    WC-52 and fire pump trailer

    Not exactly a big truck (3/4 ton rating) but they made a lot of these during WW II. Dodge powered the WC-52 was given the task of pulling a fire pump trailer for the fire fighting platoons. It was used for a lot of different roles but this was one. This model(s) is scratch built at 1/25 scale. Most military models are the preferred 1:35 scale but I like the larger size in keeping with the other builds I have done. Between the truck and the trailer there are about 200 scratch building hours into them. One of the photos shows a different number on the truck hood and tailgate. That's because I changed it during the latter part of construction.
  5. Chariots of Fire

    1968 Dodge D800 Dump

    Hey Brian. I love the pix above. The hood came out great. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Chariots of Fire

    Hi from Vt.!

    One 'o them Green Mtn boys, eh? Welcome to the forum! Flatlander, myself.😊
  7. Chariots of Fire

    Fancy Paintwork...

    Some of it is decals that are in the kits. Other times it is a matter of masking to separate different colors. There are some specialty decal producers out there that can make up individual decal sets but they can be costly. Other options include colored tapes that can be used for straight line color separations. Very narrow tapes (1/64" width) can be used for pin striping. Depends on what you are looking for. IF you are thinking of getting into painting big rigs start off with simple one color paint jobs and get the hang of it. Focus on getting the paint right so that there is no running, crazing or orange peeling. Use a good primer and lay on the color in thin coats to build it up. There are plenty of builders out there who can coach you on doing the fancy paint jobs.
  8. Chariots of Fire

    1953 Reo Rescue is done

    I may just do that, Vince! Outside photos can be really nice.
  9. Chariots of Fire

    1953 Reo Rescue is done

    With the installation of some equipment and tools this build is now complete. On to the next one!
  10. Chariots of Fire

    Reo Gold Comet

    The cab, body and flood lights are now permanently mounted. Work continues on the compartment spaces and adding tools and equipment. Two sets of jaws, hydraulic motor and hydraulic hose reel in the right front. K-12 saw and gas can in the right rear. Tool box and ropes in the left rear. Floodlight controls and connections for other lighting, tools and traffic cones in the left front compartment. Period radio and speaker in the cab on the dash. Hood is raised with hinges at the firewall and is propped open with a sliding rod that connects hood to a rod between firewall and radiator.
  11. Chariots of Fire

    Reo Gold Comet

    A lot finished since the last post. Not much more to do before it can go into "service". A fair amount of work to fill the compartments with equipment.
  12. Chariots of Fire

    Dodge D800 Dump

    I'll be checking out your progress!😉
  13. Chariots of Fire

    Reo Gold Comet

    Got the door project finished. Now it's on to making some gaskets for the body windows. That little odd shaped piece in the front is actually a stack of tiny magnets. Going to find a way to use them in keeping the doors closed!
  14. Chariots of Fire

    Reo Gold Comet

    Here's what the body looks like now that some work has been done on it. In the process of cutting open the compartment door locations and hinging the doors so that they can open.
  15. Chariots of Fire

    Reo Gold Comet

    That must have been quite a rig if it was 6x6!