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  1. Tbill

    1983 IH F-2674 Tri-axle Dump

    Ya know, I think this may be one of your best builds. You seem to have nailed the look in every aspect of the build. I absolutely love this thing !
  2. Great looking rig, love the colors on it.
  3. Tbill

    New AMT??

    Too bad they are still at Italeri prices...
  4. Tbill

    Mack R685ST

    Up on wheels, won’t be long now.... looking good!
  5. Love it! Big and round with style to spare😎
  6. She’s held up well, fine looking rig!
  7. Tbill

    1970 Ford F100 4x4

    Great colors, those tires suit it very well
  8. Tbill

    1973 Diamond Reo C116

    That’s shaping up into a fine looking rig !
  9. Tbill

    Got room for another Mack?

    Oh yeah! Looking good!
  10. Tbill

    Mack R685ST

    Off to a great start!
  11. Tbill

    C Cab panel truck hot rod

    That’s pretty cool 😎
  12. Tbill

    KW 900

    Great looking build, looks like you’re right back in the groove.
  13. That is a fantastic kit! I really enjoyed building that one.