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  1. vincen47

    W900l and Frameless Dump

    Absolutely fantastic. I love the look of this rig. I especially like the worn look of the bottom of the dump bed. Wow.
  2. vincen47

    Diamond Reo Rogue

    What an interesting project.
  3. vincen47

    1982 Ford C8000

    Nice resto mod with the 6bt and the Alcoas. It would make a good weekend hauler.
  4. vincen47

    Peterbilt 379 RV Conversion

    Thanks, I appreciate it.
  5. vincen47

    Peterbilt 379 RV Conversion

    Here we have the cab and hood started. First, the firewall needed some corrections, most importantly the intake port needs to be the same on both sides. I’m not sure why Italeri goofed that up, but the opening on the vehicle’s right side, left facing the firewall, needs to be lowered and modified to match the other side. While I was at it, I removed the shallow example of a windshield washer reservoir with the intent of rebuilding a more realistic version to attach to the firewall. I eventually decided to make one that mounted to the radiator housing instead, as seen in an earlier post. Then, I cut out and created the pocket for the windshield wiper motor. I added an Ultraroof from Models by Dave, and it has the visor mounting brackets built-in. I broke a couple of them, but made the repairs. They are delicate. A lot of filler to smooth things out. I’ll also need to add rivet detail to replace some of it that was removed during the bodywork process along with some that wasn’t there to begin with. The 379-127 hood is a Bill Drennen casting, purchased from P&P resin years ago. It’s a bit hard to find nowadays, but contact Jamie at Moluminum, he has the molds. I added inner fender detail, along with a good deal of clean-up and filler to get everything as perfect as I can. I’ll also be adding proper rivet detail to the hood shortly, just like the cab. It’ll still need more filler, sanding and a final coat or two (or three) of primer and filler/sanding in between, before rivets are added and a final coat of primer before paint. Preparation can be frustrating, and it is 90% or more of the finishing process, but it’s a necessary evil. I added an improved center hood trim piece from styrene strip/shapes, and that’ll get some rivet detail as well. To better fit those bigger front tires, I added fender flares from re-worked Italeri 378 fender trim with styrene strip/quarter round. The “J” hood hinges are from GW trucks. For the cab floor, I decided to experiment with balsa wood strips and laying the “hardwood flooring” similar to the real thing. Sanded and stained, I like the results, and it’ll just need another coat of floor wax. Probably won’t be able to see the cab floor very well on the completed build, but it’s cool. Certainly easier to lay this type of flooring than in real life! I hope you’re still enjoying the build. More to come…
  6. vincen47

    Peterbilt 379 RV Conversion

    Here is the start of the RV body. It’ll be curbside, as I’m crazy, but not that crazy (at least enough to fully detail out an interior). Maybe on a future build. Anyway, like my previous Aeromax RV conversion build, I started with a 3d printed radius-cornered frame a scale 34’ long, and added .060” styrene sheet for side panels. I penciled in and cut out window openings, in a pattern to match a custom interior layout I have in my head that includes a front bunk area, but not one over the cab. I added additional sheet below the belt line for the utility and storage bays, and corrugated sheet for window shades to give the future tinted windows some “depth” and detail behind them. To get a slightly crowned roof, I placed a styrene panel down the center above the ceiling joists, and again above the sub-roof. The wheel wells were cut out and quarter round added for trim, along with docking light inserts. Lots of sanding, primer, putty, sanding, primer…
  7. vincen47

    Amt White Western Star

    She’s a beauty. I like the added details like the hood ornament and stacks. Nice.
  8. vincen47

    T800 Kenworth Logging truck

    True, what comes with it is a Traxon ZF 12 speed, not available in North America, so I’m going to use the Eaton 10 speed that comes in the A&N W990 chassis kit. If I didn’t have that transmission, I’d use the Eaton 13/18 from Moebius (with or without the autoshift components, depending on the build) or the Eaton from the Italeri Peterbilt Series 60 (looks pretty close to a Eaton RT Series 13 speed).
  9. vincen47

    T800 Kenworth Logging truck

    I’d think it would fit, but curious to see for sure. I ordered one myself, I plan to use it in the A&N W990 kit. It’s a good choice for your T800. Looking forward to seeing it.
  10. vincen47

    My newest project

    Good color choices, it’ll be a nice build.
  11. vincen47

    Autocar A64B

    That’s a beautiful truck. Makes a great resto-mod. Maybe gets some work, but nothing too hard in its semi-retired life, and always gets cared for, washed and polished. Maybe it’s the boss’ truck, something you’d see at a truck show. Nice work.
  12. vincen47

    Peterbilt 379 RV Conversion

    Next up, I’ll add the frame-mounted primary fuel filter, a common sight on these Cats. I took a fuel filter from a Italeri Series 60, with a scratch built frame mount and fuel lines. Just to the right of the cab mount, I added a Bendix AD-SP Air Dryer and associated connections and hoses. I started with an air dryer from CTM, and modified it a bit to better represent the Bendix model, and used decals from Modeltruckin for both the fuel filter and air dryer. For the engine cooling system, I wanted something more on the lines of a modern-looking aftermarket coolant reservoir, rather than the Italeri kit’s radiator top tank I have on it in the earlier photos. The newer Paccar trucks, like the 389, 589, and W990, have something similar from the factory. I started with the coolant tank from the A&N W990 kit, modifying and casting it in two halves. Using clear resin, the top half was tinted white to look like the slightly translucent white plastic, and the bottom half in translucent red. The long-life coolant used for these trucks is red, I’ve learned. The unit is mounted to the top of the radiator with Tamiya bolt detail, and a photo-etched model car garage radiator cap tops it. I made a windshield washer reservoir using a similar process, starting with the windshield washer tank from a modified resin casting of a Moebius Lonestar kit part for the bottom portion, tinted translucent blue. For the top portion and mount, I modified some unknown engine part from the parts box, cast in white-tinted clear resin. The chassis is basically complete, for now. More detail to add to the engine area once the hood is in place. Next up, we’ll start the cab, hood, and coach body. Glad everyone is enjoying the build so far.
  13. vincen47

    AMT Autocar

    Yeah, you have a good thing started. Dark cherry will look good.
  14. vincen47

    My 3 completed trucks

    Nice builds, they look great. I like the color on the Mack and the Moebius wheels look great on the Dodge.
  15. vincen47

    Hello from Kentucky

    Welcome to the forum!