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  1. vincen47

    Carolina Fleet Finished

    Fantastic. I was looking forward to seeing a photo of the whole fleet. I like the way you put the trailer in the background of the family portrait.
  2. vincen47

    Carolina Freight B-61 Mack

    Another unique build. What a classic.
  3. vincen47

    Redo of a Kenworth T600

    Good progress. It’ll be a great build.
  4. vincen47

    Redo of a Kenworth T600

    Sometimes hard to backtrack, but I’m sure it’ll be better in the end. I like how you’ve opened up the grille. Are you planning to integrate the grille shroud into the hood? AMT shouldn’t have made it a separate part for this era T600.
  5. vincen47

    5600 International heavy hauler

    I’ve enjoyed watching this one come together. Excellent build of a unique model. I’m looking forward to seeing it with a trailer.
  6. I like the air line box. Ya don’t see that feature modeled very often.
  7. vincen47

    Newbie from Canada

    Glad to have you join us. Looking forward to your posts.
  8. Nice looking trailer, and that awesome Transtar does look great in front of it. The trailer reminds me of a diecast Kmart rig I had as a kid. It had a red flat top w900 pulling it. Really, just about anything would look perfect for it. Nice work.
  9. vincen47

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome to the forum! Hope you have a great time here.
  10. Understandable you’d like them to be able to roll, and there’s nothing stopping you from experimenting with metal rod. As a side note, I used to try to get the wheels to roll as well, but found the extra effort not worthwhile. Often, they’d be wobbly if they did roll at all. I found it better to get the wheels set perfectly square and plumb and glue them there, as it’s stronger (wheels don’t fall off later) and prevents the model from rolling off the shelf or workbench. But if you’re going for working wheels, big rig kits tend to be harder to get them to roll because they lack the simple solid metal axle rods that a lot of cars have. So, you have to contend with the plastic wheel to plastic axle connection. The Revell 359 is about the worst kit as far as the design and functionality of the wheels and tires. Other kits are better, but they’re not sure thing either. It’s been a while since I’ve built an AMT truck, but I think they may roll better. Aftermarket wheels and tires are often a better choice for accuracy and detail, but they usually require you to adapt them to the kit axle, by drilling them out larger or using a plastic sleeve, which often forces you to glue them in place anyway. One option to consider is the Moebius big rig wheel and tire sets. They’re not too expensive and they look nice. But, when I used them on my 359, I glued them in place, I didn’t look into making them roll, but that might have been possible. Another idea, I used metal tubing to reinforce the Italeri axles for my current 379-based RV project. The reasoning was to allow the axles to better support the weight of the body going on the chassis. It’s going to be a heavy build. I adapted the Italeri axles to mate with aftermarket aluminum hubs and wheels, resin disc brakes, and resin tires. But again, I wasn’t looking to make them roll, so everything is glued in place. However, I bet the basic concept could be applied to the rear axles of Italeri kits with a solid rod or open tubing to make them roll as you describe. Try to drill out the axle to fit the rod or tube, and sandwich the two halves over it. Then, making sure it still rotates, glue the wheel sets onto the rod/tube. I’m not sure how you’d approach the front axle, or other brands, but other builders may have ideas.
  11. vincen47

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    Nice start with the project especially with the corrections to the engine. It looks great.
  12. vincen47

    Motor started today.

    Ford blue or Cat yellow?
  13. vincen47

    Greetings from the UK

    Welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy it here. You’ve built a very nice model, it shows skill and talent. The weathering is excellent and I like your extended front and bumper. Hope your hand injury continues to improve.
  14. vincen47

    Greetings from Kansas

    Welcome aboard, Brian. Good to have you here. It’s not the busiest forum, but the models, tips, and ideas on here are great. The MTB store sells some great aftermarket products. But most of all, everyone has always been kind and helpful. Looking forward to seeing your refuse truck build. I’ve been considering getting one of those kits, myself.
  15. vincen47

    GMC General

    Beautiful truck. Great color choices. Love the flatbed.