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  1. vincen47

    IH Paystar 5000 4x4

    That’ll work just fine. A truck waiting for a new purpose, and looking cool at the same time, just like the inspiration photo.
  2. vincen47

    IH Paystar 5000 4x4

    That’ll be one mean machine. With no fifth wheel on the 1:1, I assume it had a body at one time, for off-road use. I’ve seen similar 4x4 trucks with those tires for ag use around here - fertilizer, etc.
  3. vincen47

    1968 Dodge D800 Dump

    That’s a clean, well-maintained truck. It should fetch a good price, and make good money for its next owner. An excellent build. I have to admit, at first glance, I pondered “such a clean truck for him?” But, further inspection revealed truly subtle and realistic weathering perfection.
  4. vincen47

    LNG Trailers

    Yes, most are scratchbuilt. However, I think Keystone may have something close. https://www.kamodelminis.com/ They have a lot of really awesome trailers and loads. You still have to do some scratch building, or at least borrow parts from other kits, but you can create some unique builds.
  5. vincen47

    Arizona truck model builder

    Glad you’re here. Hope you enjoy the forum!
  6. vincen47

    Dodge D800 Dump

    A nice no-nonsense look. Strictly business.
  7. vincen47

    Moebius 53’ trailer

    Another great combo. I like the simple fleet look that’s so commonly seen on the road, but not as often on the hobby bench. I missed this posting last year, glad to see it.
  8. vincen47


    Nice Prostar, you don’t see these built often. I don’t know how this one slipped by me last year, so I’m glad to see it now.
  9. vincen47

    What glue will work.

    Just like the above posts, the liquid “welding” types are great for unpainted plastic. They are my go-to glue. Sometimes Cyanoacrylate (a.k.a CA or Superglue) is a good choice, especially if there are gaps to fill, or the type of plastic doesn’t work with the welders, or you’re bonding different materials. They come in many levels of viscosity. They can be messy, so use a toothpick or other stick to apply. Sometimes they don’t set as quickly as you need, so you can use an accelerator. For clear parts and attaching finishing items like emblems to painted surfaces, Pacer or Tamiya canopy glue works well, dries clear, no fogging. I also use Micro Krystal Klear.
  10. vincen47

    Hi from Vt.!

    Glad to have you with us.
  11. vincen47

    1953 Reo Rescue is done

    A great looking rig. You’ve built yet another exquisite model of a fine piece of equipment. The finish on that paint is beautiful. It would gleam in an outdoor photo. Looks like the volunteers spend a lot of time washing and polishing the truck to a perfect shine.
  12. vincen47

    Reo Gold Comet

    Top notch! Excellent work. That blue looks great - I really love the finish. What a project, what a finish!
  13. vincen47

    acid tanker

    Yeah, thought about the ribs too, helping to disguise the tank diameter. I’ve seen some pretty narrow tank trailers before without ribs, too. Maybe compressed gas or something. Regardless, having it sit on the shelf won’t hurt anything, until the time comes to use it.
  14. vincen47

    acid tanker

    Hmm. Trying to think what you could convert it into. Maybe the tank itself could become a load for a flatbed? A tank of that size would have multiple uses in stationary industrial applications, being delivered as new or a retired one hauled for scrap. It could be detailed with the tank base, mounts, piping outlets, etc. Then, the remaining frame could be fitted with a larger diameter tank to complete the original build concept, which was a good idea.
  15. vincen47

    Ford CL9000

    Beautiful truck! As I mentioned over on the MCM forum, I like the fact you spec’d it with the 2-hole steel wheels, making it unique. Excellent paint and finish. One of my favorite cabovers done well.