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  1. vincen47

    International RF-190

    Those are respectable numbers for the era. Thanks!
  2. vincen47

    International RF-190

    Really nice looking truck, plays the part of a cared-for, well-maintained truck. I wonder how much torque those gas engines were good for?
  3. vincen47

    15.8L Caterpillar 3406E Custom Reman

    Thanks! Yes, the trans was sourced from a Lonestar, along with the 11-bladed fan. It’ll find a home in the next RV conversion, built on a Pete 379.
  4. Though it’s not part of a completed truck build yet, I think an engine can be a model in itself. I’ve started my next truck conversion, a 1/24th scale black and chrome Peterbilt 379, and I’ve built a Cat 3406E for it's power. The resin engine is from Moluminum. It wears real Cat yellow, and includes several scratch-built extras. Further detailing will be added when it’s in-frame. It represents a ‘99 15.8l E-Model 3406. Producing 600 plus horsepower, the final generation of these 964 cubic inch beasts were the precursor to the C16. This one has been remanufactured and up-fitted with chrome and ceramic parts, to boost the performance and style. It’s representative of the custom engines from diesel shops that outfit gliders and other owner-operator rigs. Big Cats like this are highly sought-after for their power and pre-emissions reliability. They often find a second life in a glider or show truck. it’s coupled to an 18 speed Eaton Autoshift transmission that’s been up-fitted with a trans oil cooler. The build was detailed using Ken Smith’s Car Modeller 3406E article and online photos for reference, many from Kustom Truck, an Oregon-based glider and diesel shop. I hope you enjoy. Next on the bench: The rolling chassis.
  5. vincen47

    Peterbilt 358 twin stick 1100 cab

    Exactly. Just like with real trucks, I enjoy hearing the story behind why something looks, or could look, the way it does. Every dent, scrape, or odd part adds history and life. Makes builds unique.
  6. vincen47

    Peterbilt 358 twin stick 1100 cab

    Great job with this one, as expected. It has that elusive balance of looking realistically used, but not overdone. I like the fact that it has the holes in the bumper for the fog lamps, but being a no-frills fleet truck, they left them out.
  7. vincen47

    Current trailer build-WIP

    Nice. I don’t have any flats, looking forward to the Moebius release. Your build is a huge improvement over the original AMT kit.
  8. Thanks again, everybody. I’m about to start another conversion, it’ll be fun.
  9. vincen47

    im new

    Hi Jeff, hope you enjoy the forum.
  10. I’d love to see the engine, take more pics when you get it home.
  11. Wow you’re a lucky guy! What a cool truck.
  12. vincen47

    A few Dogs with loads

    That boat is huge!
  13. vincen47

    1950 Ford F4 Wrecker

    Nice looking wrecker
  14. I took a couple pictures when I was putting the straps together
  15. Glad you like it. The tie-downs were one of the most tedious parts of the build, but they are cool. But, I can’t take full credit for those, they are from Czech Truck Model. CTM offers them in orange and yellow, and the photo etched ratchet goes together well, except the tiny styrene rods for the ratchet crossmembers supplied are too large to fit through the side holes, but you could just cut them to width and glue. I instead used smaller diameter rod and fit them through the holes. Minor issue. The strap material is easily wrapped around the parts and secured in place with a bit of CA. I placed tiny magnets on the ends and hidden underneath the car to make them removable to switch out the load in case I’m ever not in a Plymouth kind of mood.