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  1. vincen47

    1944 Diamond T 6x6

    The paint finish looks great. Very authentic.
  2. vincen47

    Emeryville UPGRADE

    Looks good. Those Earl Miller lines are nice.
  3. vincen47

    New Member Introduction

    Welcome aboard. I hope you find the site helpful. As you’ve already found, Brian, who posts as Driptroit 71, would be the resident expert on backdating a Freightliner to old school CF specs. Best of luck on the project. I think you’re off to a great start by coming at it with the good perspective of taking it slow, and with a willingness to learn.
  4. vincen47

    1944 Diamond T 6x6

    Excellent progress. There’s much to be enjoyed when shaping and forming raw material by hand into those parts, I’m sure.
  5. vincen47

    Random Tuesdays

    Lots of nice stuff out there in 1/64 scale.
  6. vincen47

    1944 Diamond T 6x6

    Excellent progress. What fine details.
  7. vincen47

    Hello from Belgium

    Nice build. Looks great, right from the box. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Yeah, the Autocar in the 4th photo from the end had a good ol 8v71. I remember they had a sandwich board out in front of it just out of the photo that said it was a 318 Detroit. Not sure how common it was in an Autocar, but overall there was a lot of green leakers at the show. In fact, the green and white 352 just ahead of it was a 1979 model with an 8v92 in it. The owner mentioned how uncommon it was to have one in a 352 that wasn’t a 352H. All original. I said “oh man, I bet that sounds sweet” and he said “we’ll, let me fire it up for you”. It was a crowd-caller, because that old mean Detroit starting bringing a bunch of people over when he started it up.
  9. Other than checking out all of the awesome trucks up close, the thing I enjoyed most was the conversations I had with the owners. So many great stories. Another thing I enjoyed was the drive south towards home on Sunday. Many of the trucks were taking the same route, so it was like a 5 hour rolling truck show.
  10. vincen47

    Back to truck modeling

    Welcome to the forum. You bring a lot of resources, that’s for sure. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  11. vincen47

    Bill from Seattle

    Excellent builds! Great photos, too. Nice backdrops. Thanks for posting.
  12. vincen47

    GMC Topkick Rollback

    Wow that’s coming together nicely and quickly.
  13. vincen47

    Bill from Seattle

    Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy the forum.
  14. This show was huge! I had a great weekend. First time making the trip for me, but I plan on returning next year. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys trucks of all eras and types…Show/Custom, Classic, Fleet, Working Show, Wreckers, Dumps…the list goes on and on. The show was capped off by parade of lights from St Ignace, across the Mackinac Bridge to Mackinaw City. Here are some highlights, only a very small sample of what was on display:
  15. vincen47

    Ford LT9000 Dump Papco

    Looks great. The “happy accident” of the hood and cab color difference is actually really cool, and realistic. That often happens naturally in life as the elements take their toll on paint, or when parts are replaced or repainted. The weathering is excellent overall, with the subtle dents in the tailgate are looking great. Fine work.