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  1. vincen47

    IH Paystar 4x4

    I really appreciate the detailed review of the 6-71 options. I don’t have as much experience with GW’s resin, but from what I have, I agree that it’s a little more “slick” than Jamie’s resin. Both are quality, but also I agree there seems to be a little less cleanup with Jamie’s parts. For the build I have planned, an early 70’s 4070a, I’m not sure what options IH used specifically on the 6-71 for the Transtar cabovers. Right/left blower, exhaust, etc. I’m not sure if the aluminum valve cover was available yet or not, though I don’t believe the turbo was available on the 4070a, at least not yet, in the very early 70’s. Any info you have on IH’s use of the 6-71 would be appreciated. The brochure that came with the 4070a kit (really cool they included it) has two horsepower ratings (218 and 238) based, I think, on the injectors you opt for. The more I learn about them, the more interesting it is.
  2. vincen47

    IH Paystar 4x4

    I was actually considering getting a 6-71 for a future 4070a build. I was looking at the one from Moluminum. I’ll check out Gary’s one, too. Thanks.
  3. vincen47

    IH Paystar 4x4

    Cool! That’s a unique build. Tires look great. Love the weathered chassis, and it’s nice to see a 6-71.
  4. vincen47

    1975 C65 Chevy Dump

    Cool build. Nice job with a tough project. I too, would love to get ahold of a c65 cab/hood someday. The resin ones are rare.
  5. vincen47

    Weathered Autocar

    Nice weathering. Just enough for a well-used look, not too much. Love the fuel tanks. They’ve taken a beating over the years with everything from rocks to getting kicked with steel-toed boots, over and over again as the guys climb into the cab.
  6. vincen47


    Excellent! Looks like it’s ready to get to work and get some mud on the tires. Decals look great. Solid printing. Great build, and a great base for photos.
  7. vincen47

    To be on the workbench for 2022

    A great idea for a thread. The five projects you listed will keep you busy, for sure. They sound like solid plans. I’d side with the DM, being you’ve already got a nice fleet type of tractor in the works with the LNT8000. Whenever I can’t decide, I often think about variety to keep it more interesting. I too, like the Chevy, because you don’t see as many of these as the GMC’s. CTM makes a wide grille for it, that I’m planning to use someday when I build one. Speaking of someday, my workbench plan for 2022 includes two truck projects at this time (I don’t build quickly, and I’ve got a car project and a model railroad layout build going on as well, keeping my free time busy) : Peterbilt 379 RV - Still on the bench, but making more progress now. The engine was completed last fall, and this fall I started the chassis. The scratch-built frame rails and air ride steer axle look good. I’ll create a WIP thread when the chassis is complete, been taking photos as I’ve been working on it. International Transtar II: I hope to get this one started shortly. It’s a partially complete 4070b kit I got for a cheaper price (Man, do they go for big bucks). I picked up an excellent new edition 4070a to use for all of the parts in common with the 4070b, which will be the majority of the kit. Plan is to build a restored, mild, working show truck with a little bit of extra bling, but not overdone. In other hobby news, I’m about to finish building a paint booth. Finally. Yes, I will now have a proper place to paint year-round. Starting with a scratch & dent clearance range hood, I built a large and sturdy wall-mounted frame and boxed it in. It’s vented out the basement window with removable ductwork, complete with the hood’s factory built-in filters and lighting. It creates a strong draft, it should work well. I plan to give it a try today.
  8. vincen47


    That’s a good-looking build. I like the colors, they work well on it. Traditional and realistic.
  9. vincen47


    Looks like you’re making great progress. Nice looking build. Welcome aboard!
  10. vincen47

    Found at Walmart

    Here’s one that looks good in a blueish-green metallic sort of color, not sure how to describe it. But, looks nice nonetheless. A day-cab collector’s show truck. Fancy, but not too fancy. The two-tone wouldn’t be too difficult, being just the roof and the raised portion of the hood and cab. The lip would make it easier to tape and paint. Or, solid color would be fine too, imo. I haven’t built this kit, so I can’t speak to the mirrors. But, I imagine a small amount of CA or epoxy would work. Carefully scraping away a tiny amount of the chrome would help with the bond. After it dries, using a Molotow chrome pen to touch up the joint would work to fix any chrome issues.
  11. vincen47


    Nice to see them.
  12. vincen47

    Kenworth W900A CAT 3408

    Well, I’m not an expert, but I believe they run to the oil cooler, located on the lower side of the engine block above the oil pan, just out of sight on other side of the frame rail. I wasn’t able to find much as far as better photos or diagrams, but here’s what I found: I haven’t built Revell’s 3408 in 1/16 or 1/25, so I’m not sure what’s offered as far as an oil cooler, or detail. But, I’d use Ken Smith’s 1/16 article as a reference: http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/model_magazine_articles/car_modeller/cm04_nov_1990_cater/ The Car Modeller series is awesome, they provide so much useful info for us truck builders. However, the article doesn’t reference the oil system, unfortunately. Hopefully, there’s a few other guys on here that can add more info.
  13. Though I haven’t used the MTB visor, I suspect you’re correct, they are probably the mounting brackets that go behind the visor. I see them sticking out from behind the visor in this photo. I wouldn’t have thought they’d be separate pieces, but they could be.
  14. vincen47

    On the Winter workbench

    Glad it’s working now. Paint looks excellent.
  15. vincen47

    On the Winter workbench

    Yeah, it may have put links in the post instead of attaching the photos? I’m not sure why either, your other photos are fine. I’ve used the paper clip “click to choose files” then used photo library to select what I want to post. I’ve never had an issue, but sometimes tech doesn’t always work.