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  1. Mini Deluxe

    1959 Ford C-1000 Tractor

    Great Build and Perfect Pictures!!
  2. Mini Deluxe

    How to: Refer Unit

    Perfecto in everyway!! 😍
  3. Mini Deluxe

    Single Hump Fenders

    Beautiful Work and Great Skills. Outstanding Finish!!!
  4. Mini Deluxe

    Greetings to All!!!

    Greetings to all!! My name is Tim. Thank you for having me on your forum. I am proud to say I am a scale model builder for many years and have built quite a collection. I have many skills but I always am always open minded and love to learn and teach new skills on how make our scale projects look more realistic or what our minds eye perceives and what it looks like in a real world environment. My background and work experience always has had something to do with Bigtrucks or vintage machines. My Father was a Driver and owner /op for 28 years in many aspects from flatbed to refrigerated from the late 1970s to 1990s. I have many fond memories of going on long haul trips with my father during what some my consider the golden era of trucking when it was not uncommon to see cabovers with tweaked and peaked Cbs sitting on the dash. I feel very fortunate to have experienced these days and to spend this time with my Dad. I have been able to learn many skills as a diesel tech in a high volume diesel shop for the last few years and it has helped my truck model building by leaps and bounds. I also have my own small business on eBay (MiniDeluxe) that provides scale truck parts that I design from real world pictures and hands on knowledge. I try to produce items that are somewhat difficult to scratch build and items that are not correct in scale version of model kits. Also I enjoy helping new builders ease into what sometimes can be a frustrating hobby with tech or parts that add a dramatic change and added excitement to the kit they have on bench with limited skills or insight to real world 1:1 scale counterpart. Well hope this intro finds you all well and helps you to get to know me a bit better Looking forward to great build post and seeing what awesome ideas and truck models are being built. Best Regards, Mini-Deluxe. Tim