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    Glosson C-O 4070A

    Looks great! I was considering putting the same engine in mine, did you need to do a lot work to get it to fit in?
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  4. Thank you! I had the same one when I was a kid too. In fact, that was my inspiration for this one🙂
  5. Here's a Transtar I'm almost finished and a K Mart trailer I'm working on as well. The Transtar is box stock with a shortened frame and the K Mart decals are from Graphics on Demand. I haven't actually decided which tractor I'm going to pair up with the trailer yet but it looks great behind the Transtar! Thanks for checking it out!
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    Hello from Canada

    Hi everyone! Happy to join to the group I build mostly 60s 70s and some 80s trucks too. Love building fleet trucks. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work!