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  1. Mark 1

    Mashpee 354 is finished.

    WOW. That'll take some awards.
  2. Mark 1

    Pablo Fernandez

    Welcome Mr. Pablo.
  3. Mark 1

    Italeri Freight liner FLC

  4. Mark 1

    1913 Model T van

    Looks great. I like all of the wooden additives.
  5. Excellent interior. Where did you score the dual interior fans from? If you made them, bravo to you sir.
  6. Mark 1

    Peterbilt 378-119

    Yes. Its the Peterbilt 378-119 Classic by Italeri. Unfortunately, they discontinued the kit last year. Hopefully they bring it back some day.
  7. Mark 1


    Check https://aitruckmodels.com/ as well.
  8. Mark 1

    John Newman

    Hi John, welcome aboard. Beings how you love Peterbilts' I highly recommend you check you out http://www.timstrucks.com/. Tim is a walking encyclopedia of all things Peterbilt and that's no exaggeration. Peterbilt is his passion. Not only does know Petes inside and out but he also knows model kits as well. If he can't answer any questions that you may have, no one can.
  9. Mark 1

    How do you display your rigs?

    I don't necessarily display mine but I do keep them stacked neatly in display cases that I buy at Hobby Lobby. The display cases keep them safe, secure and darn near 99.99% dust free which keeps me from having to wash them. They stack nicely on top of each other. I have the tires chocked with pieces of stick-on house door weather stripping. That keeps the models in place and keeps them from shifting during transportation when I show them at model shows. I believe the measurements for the case I buy at Hobby Lobby are roughly Length 15-3/4 x W 7-1/4 x H-6 1/2. So far they've worked great for conventional trucks both 1/24th and 1/25th scale but I have had a couple COE's be just a tad bit too tall for the case.
  10. Mark 1

    Johnny Red.jpg

    Great job.
  11. Mark 1

    Peterbilt 378-119

    Finished this model in 2018. Full credit to my buddy Rob Evans for his idea of the Mackinac bridge background and for taking the photo. Funny thing is, I know have sand forever stuck in the gr ooves of the tires.
  12. Mark 1


  13. Thank you sir, just a personal project.
  14. This is the Italeri 378-119 Classic Peterbilt model. Eventually I'm gonna add on some fulll sized rear fenders 'cause the back end seems like theres something missing with just the quarter fenders. Unfortunately the paint won't match cause testors decided to stop making Fords Whimbledon White. Oh well, I'll get creative. Tried my hand at installing real wood flooring, I think it came out nice. Used balsa wood, took a torch to it and sprayed it several times with acrylic top coat. Personally, I like the rubber booties I made from plastic stock coming out of the firewall with the electrical lines. Tadaaa, done for now.