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  1. Made some progress this week. I setup the center air axle an 1/8 inch from the ground, not sure that was enough. Next fitting the resin hood to the cab.
  2. Gary Chase

    New project started

    Looks like a good start, will be watching
  3. The fenders and fender jig are Auslowe parts that I got from ST Supply. The jig is really key to getting everything square and straight. But I had to flat sand the bottom of the fenders so they sat correctly in the jig.
  4. Fenders mounted, now detail them out, then paint
  5. Thanks sir, we will see where this goes.
  6. My order from ST Supply came today with my fenders and fender jig. Liking the looks
  7. Scratch built fuel tanks, battery boxes and headache rack turned out well. Now to finish the frame build. I started building this drop deck trailer and injection molding machine this year but stopped, didn’t really have a truck that I thought fit the job. I will finish this trailer for this truck, it looks the part.
  8. Gary Chase

    AMT Kenworth W-925 Bixby, Leon IA

    Lookin really good
  9. Gary Chase

    My Revell USA Peterbilt 359

    Sharp rig, well done
  10. Gary Chase

    Banister Pipeline IHC 4300

    Well done
  11. Gary Chase

    1955 White 3000

    Weathering looks really good, well done
  12. Gary Chase

    New rendition of an old favorite....

    Excellent build, colors work well.
  13. Gary Chase

    1966 Kenworth Drag Truck

    Just the coolest build.
  14. Gary Chase

    Light duty KW W900 single drive wrecker...

    I’m with you Tom, I really enjoy building working trucks/ heavy haulers. Very nice build, love it.