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  1. Gary Chase

    International 5300

    Some rainy day progress
  2. Gary Chase

    International 5300

    Made up two rubber bumpers for the trailer, painted black stuck on the tape. Made a new rear bumper painted blue. Used the kit tie down bars, modified and painted black. Worked on tool box, mounting brackets attached, made door from diamond plate but not happy with it
  3. Gary Chase

    International 5300

    Whipped up a shipping container and found some ratchet straps.
  4. Gary Chase

    International 5300

    Making progress
  5. Gary Chase

    1966 Reo GH

    Good to see these old projects back on the bench
  6. Gary Chase

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    Glad to see ya back on it, looking good
  7. Gary Chase

    International 5300

    Making progress, wheelset together, brakes finished, mud flap built, adding a tool box. Finish work then paint.
  8. Gary Chase

    International 5300

    Getting some bench time today. More fabrication done and making some brake backing plates.
  9. Gary Chase

    Diamond Reo Rogue

    Wow, impressive work, I will be watching this one.
  10. Gary Chase

    1969 Autocar A64F

    Like your color choice, lookin good
  11. Gary Chase

    Peterbilt 379 RV Conversion

  12. Gary Chase

    International 5300

    Getting the trailer fabricated up, lots of detailing to do.
  13. Gary Chase

    T800 Kenworth Logging truck

    What transmission are you going to use on your W990 behind the MX13? I heard the one that comes with the MX13 is a European unit, not used in the states.
  14. Gary Chase

    T800 Kenworth Logging truck

    Ordered a MX 13 engine from A&N, yes it is 1:24 scale, but I am going to see if it will fit……..or I just spent some money on nothing.
  15. Gary Chase

    International 5300

    Making some progress on the trailer. Using a new height gage to get all the axles set correctly so I don’t have one wheel hanging in the air when I finish.