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  1. Rbray47

    Kenworth K123

    Some areas I'm just making it up as I go. Like the steering and shift tower parts.
  2. Rbray47

    Kenworth K123

    The weather is too bad to paint the LTL 9000, so I decided to dig this Kenworth out. I bought it from Ollie's a few years back. Between the vague directions and me messing up the paint, I put it away shortly after and used it to rob parts. Now that I've built up my spares box a little, I think I can finish it. I sanded down the cab and primed it, then I shortened the frame and converted it to single axle. The 370 Cummins is almost all there and mostly built. I have a spare Ford mail truck which will give up its 27ft trailer for this one.
  3. Rbray47

    Autocar A64B

    Calling it done until I figure out what it's going to haul. I meant to build it out of the box except for the Moebius singles, but things happened lol Scratch built the mud flaps, the mudflap girls, and the rear bumper light bar. Combined both kit supplied stack tips into one taller unit. Lost a cab light somewhere, so I robbed a set out of a damaged K123 kit. Swan ornament purchased here (awesome quality on those! Love em) Rebuilt the mirror hangers with .040 styrene rod.
  4. Rbray47

    AMT Autocar

    Cab assembly today. Made new mirror hangers from .040 rod.
  5. Rbray47

    AMT Autocar

    I made a little time today to work on this truck. I cheated a little bit. Instead of black cherry I used Testors metal flake red over black primer. Not as dark as I'd wanted, but looks pretty good.
  6. Rbray47

    AMT Autocar

    With my farm chores backing up on me, I didn't have much bench time this weekend. I did manage to make new mudflaps (thanks for stealing one kitty cat) The hangers are a little on thick side, but they'll do the job.
  7. Rbray47

    AMT Autocar

    A couple of better pics without the day glow green reflection of my work shirt.
  8. Rbray47

    AMT Autocar

    It's on Moebius singles now. I bought them just for the fronts, but I kind of like how it looks with the rears on too.
  9. Rbray47

    AMT Autocar

    I bought this truck at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. Always wanted to try one. Besides Moebius wheels that are in the mail, and a few dress up parts, this one will be mostly box stock. Chassis is Tamiya black. The Cummins is Krylon Granite. I haven't decided on a cab color yet, but I'm leaning towards using my last can of Model Master dark cherry.
  10. Rbray47

    International 5300

    That's going to look good finished
  11. The Mack and Dodge are several years old, and the Ford was a recent build. The Mack and Ford are straight from the box (mostly) The Dodge has a stretched frame and scratch built log bed with Moebius wheels. While I still don't have room for many trucks, I've got the itch to start back again. I've already bought a couple more kits and have learned a few things browsing this forum.
  12. Rbray47

    Hello from Kentucky

    Just found this forum while searching for parts. Hope to learn a thing or two. Just recently got back into building trucks.