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  1. Brian Conn

    Greetings to All!!!

    Welcome aboard! Tried to locate you on eBay with no luck, BUT did score a fire fighting apparatus that I had been looking for , so it wasn't a total bust. Could you please post a link to your eBay store...much appreciated.
  2. There's a few of those monsters running around the Kansas City area...seen them in action a few times....impressive would be a huge understatement....your build fits that description quite well.
  3. Brian Conn

    1960 GMC B7000 wrecker....

    ......Those Holmes 750's just look right on any 60's truck chassis........nice build
  4. Brian Conn

    Peterbilt 379 RV Conversion

    That engine and transmission could be a build by its self....outstanding
  5. Brian Conn

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    Finished up the rear axle..... Huge thanks to Driptroit 71 He did a post at Modelcarsmag.com forum in regards to different types of truck air brakes https://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/175424-different-types-of-truck-air-brakes/ I used some of his pictures for reference on this build.
  6. Brian Conn

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    Since it warmed up to 16`f I decided to do an outside picture..... This shows the air tanks a little bit better as well as the correction that I made to the fuel tank by moving the fuel line back to the rear fittings and adding a line to the sending unit and running it back to the cab area.
  7. Brian Conn

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    First off , huge thanks! Here is what has me stumped w/ the engine governor...........I've blurred out the rest of the engine so as to focus on the governor itself...... Notice the very top of the governor....there is a cable that has a threaded end the screws onto the the governor. This picture shows the cable attached to the governor.....from what I have seen with the other Ford truck engines, it goes over to the Left side of the engine area and disappears, It's that cable that I need to know where/what it goes to....I have everything else with the engine figured out,this is the last piece of the puzzle that is holding me up
  8. Brian Conn

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    As you have discovered, the hydraulic lines are pretty much generic in the kit...p.t.o pump to the front, underneath control valves to the hydraulic tank and whats visible on the hopper even though they designed the cover panels on the side of the hopper to be removable for display. Here is where I am at presently.......... Got the steel air lines plumbed from the compressor to the primary and secondary air tanks, and from the air tanks back forward to the cab area. Added some fuel stain paint to the gas cap area on the fuel tank and weathered some small areas around the air lines. Attached the fuel line to the tank.
  9. Brian Conn

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    Thanks Eric, excellent first post... I made contact with Eric Voytko at Classic Refuse Trucks prior to starting this build. Needless to say, I have scoured the Garwood section quite thoroughly a few times and discovered where AMT had made some mistakes, whether intentional or not, with the packer body. The Purple truck is what I'm using as a base for the exterior weathering that I am doing.....found another Ford C-900 trash truck that I'll use for the cab interior weathering and another 2 or 3 packer body interiors that I'll use for weathering the interior packer body. I plan on displaying this build at model shows with the packer body roof off to show the correct packer body interior details.
  10. Brian Conn

    Post Apocalypses RV

    ...I see from the link you provided (build thread) that you did some printing.....looking to getting into that myself.....couple of questions: 1) Did you scan anything or just printed from files? I'm leaning towards wanting to scan since I build masters of pieces that I resin cast...seems to me that the scan-print process would be easier/quicker vs. making a mold and resin casting. 2) Is the process fairly easy as far as printing in a particular scale (1:25) or scales of the same item. (1:32 and 1:25)
  11. Brian Conn

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    THANKS! wish I was farther along with the progress.....I've got the engine/trans in place and started running the air lines to the primary and secondary air tanks....suppose I could post a picture or two.
  12. Brian Conn

    Post Apocalypses RV

    ..........Interesting build. This bears more than just a striking resemblance to some of the oil field trucks I've seen down around Great Bend, Ks. Some of the trucks are X-Army 6X6's others are the usual makes that are found in the oil fields. Like yours, they tend use the conex/road-railer containers for storage, to house generators, shops, field offices, etc. etc.
  13. Brian Conn

    Adding to the Kansas count.

    Greetings from Topeka, Not sure of the other Kansans here on the forums other than Paul, who is a fellow member of the Ad Astra modeling club here in Topeka and member of the forum. From the looks of things, I will be getting more build time in the hobby room since Mother nature is going to be releasing a fury of Winter weather here in N.E Kansas which will put the kibosh on any outdoor activity that I had planned for the next few weeks.
  14. Brian Conn

    Ryder Ford H Model

    ..great looking build...any details?