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  1. Brian Conn

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    ...Finished Black washing and dull coating the engine...still a couple of shiny spots that need knocked down some more. Started out with a shiny Pewter Gray from the rattle can.....the end result after applying some earth tone colors, Black wash and a couple coats of dull coat. My wife Amy is choosing all the color for this rig and I must admit that she has a better eye for color coordination than I do.....should turn out to be a unique trash truck yet fill the bill as far as trash trucks are concerned if that makes any sense. Next up is the frame/chassis
  2. The Ford C 900 that I am building has "presumably" an Allison MT 42 auto trans. My question is that I am wanting to run a control cable from the the governor on the Ford engine to the Allison trans.... I am unable to find any reference pictures only wording describing "a plate with 4 bolts on the rear drivers side of the transmission" in regards to the location which the kit transmission does not seem to have. Any help appreciated
  3. Brian Conn

    Redo of a Kenworth T600

    That transition from a vertical surface (hood) to a horizontal surface (fender) can be tricky, especially since there is a slight curve and not a 90 degree angle to work with....might try the sealing of the tape method that I previously mentioned.
  4. Brian Conn

    Carolina Freight B-61 Mack

    Big fan of this era of Mack conventionals. Question: is there anyone handling AITM products? I understand what happened with the owner, I just don't know if anyone has picked up with the line of products as far as retail sales go.
  5. Brian Conn

    Redo of a Kenworth T600

    ...Which tape did you use? Reason I asked is that I had the same issue a couple of times doing two tone colors. I was told to use Tamiya Yellow 10 mm. tape for the wider areas and the White 2 mm. tape for curves, etc. I have not had any issues, so far, with the Tamiya tapes so long as they are burnished before applying any paint. If I still have any doubts, I'll shoot a light clear coat or the color that is being covered up,...... in the case of your KW a light coat of the lighter color that will be under the Blue.... on the tape to seal the edges so as not to allow any seepage and it also seems to help prevent paint from being peeled off when removing the tape.
  6. Brian Conn

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    Thanks.....yes, it is worth it. There is more detail than what shows up in the pictures, but right right now the digital camera and computer are not at all playing well together so I had to abandon that idea and use my phone which doesn't take as good as pictures as the digital camera
  7. Brian Conn

    Greetings from Kansas

    "Long Haul" Paul picked up a well,much deserved 1st. place with this build combo Saturday, the 11th at the annual Ad Astra IPMS show here in Topeka competing in the truck, fire and rescue class
  8. Brian Conn

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    Building time has been at a premium, again. Between life and work , I have not had much time to glue two pieces of plastic together, let alone any major progress. I have completed the engine, except for wiring the starter, attaching the governor cable to the transmission, Black washing and dull coat. The lines that are sticking out all over the place are the fuel line, governor cable, air line to tank and power steering hoses. I had to use some artistic liberties with plumbing the power steering pump as locating decent pictures was virtually impossible. My very first truck engine but not my very first engine.
  9. I can see where some of my disposable income will be going in the future, like in a Leach rear packer body,White Compact cab combo
  10. Brian Conn

    Greetings from Kansas

    ....Been working on the Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 build as time permits...I believe that the engine is finally DONE or very close to it...will post pics of the completed engine soon, hopefully
  11. Brian Conn

    Greetings from Kansas

    Guy's...., I've seen "Long Haul" Paul's builds in person (tractor, trailer(s) and Payhauler)......to say they are great would be a gross understatement.....
  12. Brian Conn

    New project started

    Great start to your build...What did you use to de-chrome the tanks? I have a set of chrome tanks that came with the Ford/Garwood trash truck kit that I would like to use for the build , but I need them to look less flashy and more trash truck like.
  13. Brian Conn

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    Heres one of the reference pictures of the back side of the 1:1 engine showing the proper shape and size of the head to intake manifold area
  14. Brian Conn

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    Thanks! I did'nt take a final picture of the area I worked on, there is a slight curvature to squared off area that I built up from the block deck to the bottom of the head....oops...I'll post the 1:1 reference picture that I used to build up this area.
  15. Brian Conn

    Greetings from Kansas

    The pace here is how I like it....its not the hustle and bustle of a big city , but rather a small town where everybody knows everybody and everybody calls you friend. I'm not that far into the build yet, but from what I have done so far and and seen in the kit ,it looks like it could end up being a decent, fun build.....the engine issue in my W.I.P not with standing.