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  1. Johnny M

    1930 Model AA truck model

    That looks great! I like the angled top edge on the bed. I remember older trucks with that configuration. Very helpful in loading if you're hauling bulk materials like gravel or feed. Interesting factoid about the factory not polishing the paint jobs on some commercial vehicles. I did not know that. Makes sense, though, especially if you're never going to wash the truck anyway. It was a kinder and gentler and less glossy time, I guess. The little tail light and license plate in the rear view are another perfect detail. Congrats! Johnny
  2. Johnny M

    Greetings from Kansas

    Hey Brian, good to have you on board. Please keep posting and send pics when you can. I'm pretty new here myself, and that's why I know you're welcome. Folks on the forum will love anything you send in. I know that's true because they seem to like my stuff, and I send in the most random and poorly photographed submissions on the board. I've always loved actually building and customizing models, but I'm not very good at staging and photographing them. Plus I had to get my granddaughter to show me how to post, so... Anyway, welcome! Johnny
  3. Lookin' good ! I like that little jig you made to mount the brackets. Johnny
  4. Johnny M

    POWERLINER TRI Axle Wrecker

    WoW -- That's the good stuff right there, Brian. Great work -- love the paint job and the finish. What is the story behind the 4-door cab? Would that be like from a fire and rescue vehicle, so you could carry crew members or passengers? I could definitely see how it would be useful in a recovery vehicle like this one; I just don't think I've ever seen one before. Congrats, Johnny
  5. Johnny M

    Carolina Freight Ford WT9000

    Totally agree -- it's a perfect detail. I remember seeing them like that, back in the day. Always Fords -- I was like "Come on, Ford, really?" But I figured it was just me, so I tried to ignore them. Good to know I wasn't the only one. Keep up the good work -- love your models! Johnny
  6. Johnny M

    Carolina Freight Ford WT9000

    NIce! Looks great -- love the fuel decals and the fifth-wheel grease. Q: Why did they have the exhaust stacks off-center like that? That would make me crazy if I had to drive it. Not that I'm OCD or anything (well maybe a little, but only sometimes -- ok a lot, I admit it, full disclosure.)🤪 Johnny
  7. Johnny M

    AMT Diamond Reo with logging trailer

    Nice weathering !! Looks like they hosed it down when it came in but didn't try too hard. (Plus it's been dirty before.) And thanks for the tip about the Vallejo brown earth. Johnny
  8. Johnny M

    AMT Peterbilt 352

    WoW -- That's beautiful! And thanks much for showing your steps along the way. Well done! Johnny
  9. Johnny M

    B-day gift meme from son

    Many happy returns! Of birthdays, that is. Sorry, no returns on 55 gallon drums of super glue. Too sticky -- way too sticky... Johnny
  10. Johnny M

    AMT Peterbilt 352

    Looks like you're off to a great start -- Carry on, please. And I think it's good that you've moved your toolbox over onto your cutting board -- saves all that walking back and forth across the room every time you need a tool. Johnny
  11. Johnny M

    1970 Ford LNT 800

    That ain't tattered, Cornbinder, that's a workin' truck! Might have to replace that headlight, though, so you don't have to visit with the highway patrol every time you go out. 😎 Johnny
  12. Johnny M

    AMT Kenworth W-925 with livestock van

    WOW -- just brilliant! Congrats! Johnny
  13. Johnny M

    1981 Volvo N-10 Septic Tank Truck

    Lookin' good! Nice fat front rubber. Also, roobars roole! Johnny
  14. Johnny M

    Carolina Autocar DC100

    Thanks, Driptroit. I think you're right, and that makes sense. 49 was a big year of change industry-wide, for cars and trucks both. Also I think I remember that Autocar shared the later curved-window cab with some of the Whites, and the setup on your truck looks strictly Autocar-only. Anyway, great work! Johnny
  15. Johnny M

    Carolina Autocar DC100

    Driptroit, do you know what year model that truck might be, with the flat windshield? I think all the Autocars I've ever seen on the road have the later, curved, windshield. I'm guessing this one must be from the late forties. I kinda want to say they didn't introduce that set-back front axle tractor until after the war but... As always, I could be wrong. Johnny