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  1. Lookin' good! The air lines turned out just right with the dark colors. Love the random sliding strap cranks on the Reitnouer! Johnny
  2. Johnny M

    Peterbilt 359

    Thanks, Rob. Good find! Johnny
  3. Johnny M

    Peterbilt 359

    Great job ! The taillight bar and rear mud flaps look just right, too. Did you say earlier that you had ordered those glad hands from somewhere? Johnny
  4. Johnny M

    Bullnose Kenworth Race Hauler

    Beautiful! Great detailing on all the little stuff -- nice work. Love those bullnose KWs -- something about the swan sitting next to the air cleaner sticking right out of the top of the hood makes me smile every time 😀 Johnny
  5. Johnny M

    New rendition of an old favorite....

    WOW -- what a terrific model! That's the good stuff right there. Johnny
  6. Johnny M

    1973 Ford C-900

    I love that truck! Also great job on the background and layout with the wind turbine and the lagoons. It took me a while to figure out how you did that. Johnny
  7. Johnny M

    1955 White 3000

    Yeahh -- sweet! Love the roof 👍 Johnny
  8. Johnny M

    Revell Pete 359 project - so far

    Really comin' together! Those air lines look just right to me. What gauge wire did you use for them? Johnny
  9. Johnny M

    Revell Peterbilt 359 Build

    Nice upgrade! Also, love the two-hole Budds. -- Old Skool! Johnny
  10. Johnny M

    Wilson flatbed upgrade

    Thanks, Bob. Wish I'd had a trailer this nice back in the day. I think I would have been OK with those polished alloy wheels and the toolboxes in between the spreads. My own trailers -- not so much, but hey, run what you brung, right? Johnny
  11. Johnny M

    Wilson flatbed upgrade

    Thanks, Vincen47. Much appreciated. Johnny
  12. Johnny M

    Wilson flatbed upgrade

    WooHoo -- finally got a load! Finally got a load for my now 40' Wilson flatbed. I don't know what these things are -- some kind of coils on frames or platforms, maybe generators or something. I found them on another model, already tarped and chained, so I'm like "That'll work!". They came with these long black bungee cords with hooks, I guess to keep the tarps from moving around in the wind, so I shortened them and put them on there too. This is all in 1:64 btw. Johnny
  13. Johnny M


    I used Krylon a few years ago to do the sleeper on this model. I chose Krylon because I think it has a better gloss than RustOleum, and because one of the Krylons matched the existing color of the cab best. You can see in my poor camera photo that it doesn't quite match the cab color but that it did come out with a really nice gloss finish. That said, I didn't have to mask around any windows or other trim for this one, but I wouldn't hesitate to use Krylon with intricate masking if it had the color I was looking for. Johnny
  14. Johnny M

    1944 Diamond T 6x6 4 Ton Wrecker

    Wow -- just wonderful.. My eye is drawn to all the tiny details -- the tools, the cables, the fittings, all that. Love the little red and green caps on the bottles. It's fun how the smallest and most ordinary colors stand out against the olive drab panels. Johnny
  15. Johnny M

    1944 Diamond T 6x6

    Oh yeah ! Two of the details I especially like are the chain and hook setup on the front bumper and the two contoured aluminum plates, of two different patterns, on the fuel tank and step. Way ta go.. Johnny