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  1. Johnny M

    1971 C-O 4070a Glosson Motor Lines

    Wonderful. This model is so realistic that a normal person (not like us) would never know it wasn't an actual truck. Extra points for the little globs of dirt up on top of the air cleaner -- hehe -- that's what you get when you drive your clean truck home up your dirt driveway. Sweet. Johnny
  2. Johnny M

    Need to make a phone call?

    Just beautiful. Love the little tailpipe with the downdraft tip peeking out from under the bumper. Johnny
  3. Johnny M

    Original AMT Peterbilt rehab

    Oh Nice -- Good save ! It's beautiful. Love the old-school large rooftop air conditioner. 😎 Johnny
  4. Johnny M

    Mack R-Model Hammill Construction

    Wow ! Super nice build. Kudos on the hydraulic tank and exhaust system. And thanks for the little plexiglass bug screen that mounts to the back of the bulldog -- I had forgotten about those things, but they really worked! On the B models you had to mount them with the little wings facing forward so the hood(s) wouldn't hit them when you opened them up, but the R models eliminated the problem by going with a tilt hood 👍. (At least I think that's why they went to a tilt hood.) Johnny
  5. You only needed plates and/or fuel permits for the states that you actually operated in or planned to operate in. Some states issued door decals, some issued metal license plates, and some issued those little stickers that go on the bingo board (love that name btw). It was up to each individual state to issue or not issue visible proof of permission to operate in their state. Some issued these things at the first weigh station you came to and some had to be ordered by your carrier and delivered to the carrier and displayed on your truck before you entered the state. Some states had what they called "reciprocity" with some other states, so that if you were base-plated in state "A" you didn't need any special permits to operate in state "B". It was a mess, not to mention a mess of paperwork. You carried a hardback folder for all your permits in your truck at all times. If you operated in a large number of states both of your doors would be covered with fuel permits and you could have 8 or 10 or more license plates hanging off the front of your truck. It's funny now to think of it. That all went away during deregulation, which began in the late 70s. Pretty crazy while it lasted, tho. Thanks for the fun memories. Johnny
  6. Johnny M

    1981 Volvo N-10 Septic Tank Truck

    NIce ! Great detailing. Comin' along great. Johnny
  7. Johnny M

    A small save and rebuild

    Oh many thanks -- this is great ! I will turn this info over to my computer and graphics manager next time she comes over. I know we can take this and go with it. I have quite a few trucks that could really use some good door signs. They're mostly 1:43 and 1:24. Johnny
  8. Johnny M

    A small save and rebuild

    Thanks! Looks like time to brush up on my computer skills (a lot!). I could really use some good door signs. They add that perfect touch to truck models. Got it ! I'll get my granddaughter to teach me how 😎 Johnny
  9. Johnny M

    A small save and rebuild

    Sweet! Love the two-tone green and black. How did you do the door signs -- or did you find them in your door sign drawer? Also, that doesn't look too big, maybe 1:43 or 1:50? That's my favorite size range. Johnny
  10. Johnny M

    Almost there

    Beautiful ! Johnny
  11. Johnny M

    1971 Autocar A64B & Haulaway Trailer

    Wow! OK, we model buildin' now -- oh my goodness. Let me just point out two things out of all this : The sunlight and shadow in the photograph, and the rust on the old Ford. Excellent. Johnny
  12. Johnny M

    Almost there

    Thanks, Brian -- I'll look there. Johnny
  13. Johnny M

    Blue Devil

    Beautiful ! The wraparound frame protector with the lines coming up through it is a nice touch. Also love the stacks and the visor! Johnny
  14. Johnny M

    Almost there

    Lookin' great ! Love the spring-loaded rear flaps and the air bag suspension. Nice realistic touches. Can you tell me where to find that non-skid pattern aluminum that the headache rack is made from? The only pieces I have of it are just random leftovers from old model kits, and they're not very big. Johnny
  15. Johnny M

    BJ and the Bear

    Wow -- looks great! Super nice detailing on the wheels and tanks. It looks pretty big. Is it like 1:24? Johnny