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  1. That looks great ! Love the paint job and finish on the tanks. Johnny
  2. Johnny M

    1926 Mack Stake truck

    Sweet ! BULLDOG ! Johnny
  3. Johnny M

    Peterbilt 379 RV Conversion

    Vincen47, 2 things: 1. Wow ! Your engine looks beautiful 😎 and 2. What other forum you talkin' bout? Johnny
  4. Johnny M

    International 5300

    That's gonna be nice. The painted tanks will definitely be an upgrade. Engine and trans look great. But what kind of engine is that? Looks like it has a turbo propelled by both banks of cylinders -- is it like an 8V-92 or something? (Duh --not the world's biggest Detroit expert) Johnny
  5. Johnny M

    T800 Kenworth Logging truck

    I've always liked the T800 -- a great truck that has stood the test of time for decades now. Did not know that about the windshields. Thanks for the info. Johnny
  6. Johnny M

    Alaskan Hauler(ish)

    Score! --- Nice kit, also excellent door signs! I remember Hill&Hill from back in the day. They had two terminals: Houston, Texas and Casper, Wyoming. They ran pipe and stem and drilling machinery from the Port of Houston to all points in the northern US, Canada, and Alaska. They had a whole fleet of those company trucks painted that particular shade of green. I never drove for them, but they had the rep of being a good outfit to work for, with super good equipment -- as long as you didn't need to be home every weekend 😎 Johnny
  7. Johnny M

    IH 9600

    Great truck ! Love the weathering, especially the dirt on the tires and running gear. Well done 😎 Johnny
  8. Johnny M

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    That's just great, Eric ! I can almost smell it from here. 😜 Johnny
  9. Johnny M

    Redo of a Kenworth T600

    Whoa ! Super nice details ! Looks great 😎 Johnny Always a fool for fuel stickers
  10. Johnny M

    Post Apocalypses RV

    Hey -- That looks like my camper! Also: Autocars rule! Johnny
  11. Johnny M

    Adding to the Kansas count.

    Welcome, Chris ! Johnny
  12. Johnny M

    Ryder Ford H Model

    That looks great -- love the fuel decals and swinging license plates! Q: Did Ford have to lean the engines over to get them to fit in there? Whassup with that? That's an interesting detail for sure. Johnny
  13. Johnny M

    1926 Mack AC Stake Truck

    Totally! That looks great. This is fun -- I never understood how those radiator setups worked before -- it's like two separate radiators, one on each side, with a common expansion chamber and filler across the top. They look good and keep the chill off the driver on those frosty July afternoons. Johnny
  14. Johnny M

    Redo of a Kenworth T600

    JB Weld makes good stuff! It's a really successful company making da best adhesive products that was started by an ol' boy in a shed on his farm outside of Sulphur Springs , Texas. The farm's still there (now with improved farmhouse), right next to the main plant, and it still has one of the original JB Weld trailers parked out by the fence next to the highway. Gotta love it! Johnny
  15. Johnny M

    AMT Ford C 900/Garwood LP 900 refuse truck

    Brian, I like how you refer to dirt as "earth tones" -- good one! Johnny