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  1. Johnny M

    1969 Autocar A64F Finally Finished

    Beautiful 😎 Great pic, too : the best of the old skool up in front with the latest tech way off in the background. Well done, sir. Johnny
  2. Johnny M

    1969 Autocar A64F

    Totally fixed it ! I really like that visual line with the sleeper right over the same size toolbox. That looks terrific 😎 Johnny
  3. Johnny M

    1969 Autocar A64F

    Lookin' real good! Kinda pretty much almost not quite enough wheelbase for that fabulous Mercury sleeper tho 🤔 But it sure would be a shame to leave the Mercury on the shelf, so how bout like three or four more feet of frame with the Mercury and the headache rack? Gotta love a large car 😎 Johnny
  4. Johnny M

    1971 Dodge L700

    HeHe Excellent Love it Johnny
  5. Johnny M

    1959 Ford C-1000 Tractor

    Beauty -- I love it. What's that paint on the tanks and hubs? I could use some of that. Johnny
  6. Johnny M

    1970 Ford C800 stake truck

    WoW - excellent - like, THE BEST weathering ! I would rent that ! Johnny
  7. Johnny M

    Amt White Western Star

    Very nice. Love the rear mud flap treatment 😎 Johnny
  8. Johnny M

    AMT Peterbilt 352

    Nice touch with the truck numbers ! Skilzzz 😳 Johnny
  9. Johnny M

    My newest project

    Lovin' the classic two-tone paint job 😎 Johnny
  10. Johnny M

    Autocar A64B

    Yeah -- what Vincent said ! ^^^ A beautiful truck on a beautiful Spring day... Johnny
  11. Johnny M

    AMT Autocar

    Nice gloss! Hard to float with metalflake -- lookin' good 👍 Johnny
  12. Johnny M

    My 3 completed trucks

    Those look great! Love the Dodge especially -- talk about a forward seating position 😳 Yahh Johnny
  13. That looks great ! Love the paint job and finish on the tanks. Johnny
  14. Johnny M

    1926 Mack Stake truck

    Sweet ! BULLDOG ! Johnny
  15. Johnny M

    Peterbilt 379 RV Conversion

    Vincen47, 2 things: 1. Wow ! Your engine looks beautiful 😎 and 2. What other forum you talkin' bout? Johnny