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  1. Jersee Jerry55

    Weathered Autocar

    Brian, That is really nicely done. I may be picking up an A-64B tractor at my next model club meeting. If I am able to pick one up I'd love to pick your brain a bit in regard to my build. That is if you don't mind.
  2. Jersee Jerry55

    Almost there

    Thank you
  3. Jersee Jerry55

    Almost there

  4. Jersee Jerry55

    Almost there

    Here she is about 95% finished. Just some final parts, some paint touch ups, and final decals and she’s done.
  5. Jersee Jerry55

    Glosson C-O 4070A

    Very nice. I just received mine yes. Painting it in this color.terday in the mail. Most likely doing it as the Loadmasters tractor
  6. Jersee Jerry55

    Almost there

    Thanks I always dirty up my engines. My friend did the headache rack for me. The visor is from the Model Truck Builder.com store.
  7. Jersee Jerry55

    Almost there

    To all hello, Here is my current WIP. Revell USA Peterbilt 359. Painted in Rustoleum Solstice Blue (cab and hood) and Rustoleum Brilliant Blue (fenders, and frame. About 85% done at this point. Still deciding on livery from the decals box, and other decals. Also needs some paint touch up and slight weathering. Adding final parts probably sometime this week. I love building these Revell kits.
  8. Jersee Jerry55

    To be on the workbench for 2022

    Added to the bench Ford LNT8000 Snowplow, Peterbilt 359 Wrecker but building as a daycab tractor GMC General unsure of daycab, or over the road unit
  9. Jersee Jerry55

    Can we do kit trades

    If we can do trades I have a newly acquired MPC Mack DM600 I may be looking to trade. If anyone is interested please PM me. Thank you. Jerry
  10. Jersee Jerry55

    Can we do kit trades

    Hello all hope everyone is well. Wondering if we do kit trades? If so please let me know. Thank you.
  11. Jersee Jerry55

    To be on the workbench for 2022

    Thanks. Yes I agree with your points. Your projects sound great and I like the idea for your spray booth. I don't have a basement or I would be doing something similar. For me it's always going to be wait for fresh air, low humidity. my table, and rattle cans. Although I have an airbrush someone gave me 4 or 5 years ago I am content to go with the known, vs. the unknown.
  12. Hello all hope everyone is doing great. These will be on my workbench for 2022: Mack DM600- I'm hung up on the most basic question I have on the build itself. Do I go with the DM series and make it a construction tractor? Or do I go with a fleet unit (Roadway, or similar). If I'm rivet counting it's the DM. However I don't generally count rivets. However winter being as it may here in NJ it may afford me to change my mind a few hundred times. Chevy Titan 90- Truth be told the Titan 90 is one of my favorite tractors from my younger days. Also I liked it better than it's more popular cousin the Astro 95. This will be a parts box build and destined to be more than likely a full year build. Estimated completion date is December 2022, January 2023. Ford LNT8000- Once again one of my favorite tractors from my teen years. Loved the stubby nose, and it was a very popular tractor for the grocery/freight haulers where I grew up in Long Island NY. I have been building this on, and off for about 2 years now. About time I finished her off. Peterbilt 359 (Revell USA)- destined to be another year long project. The top 3 will take precedence in building order. Kenworth W900 (Revell USA)- See commentary on the Pete 359. Same situation. Happy New Year all. And if anybody cares to share their thoughts, I'm all ears. Regards, Jersee Jerry
  13. Jersee Jerry55

    Found at Walmart

    I was in my local Walmart last week and I came across this. The AMT White Western Star Coca Cola edition. I have a lot of ideas, and a lot of concerns for the kit. Not sure if I am going day cab, or sleeper. Never have done a stretch so the sleeper may be out. In any event my biggest decision as always is color(s). Most of my time I go with Blue. Easy, simple, many shades available. Could use any suggestions on paint. Also some tips on building the kit. Such as what is the easiest way to assemble the mirrors? Do I use an epoxy type cement, or super glue? Thanks.
  14. Jersee Jerry55

    On the Winter workbench

  15. Hell all hope all are well. I just received the Revell Snap Peterbilt 359 front visors from the MTB website today and have questions about attaching them to the cab. There were small grey parts in a bag do those get attached to the visor and act like “spacers”? If anybody knows please let me know. Thank you. Regards, JerseeJerry55