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  1. Jersee Jerry55

    My new project 1970's style

    Good afternoon. My packaging designer suggested the color for the frame. I kinda like it. Looks mid-1970’s ish.
  2. Jersee Jerry55

    My new project 1970's style

  3. Jersee Jerry55

    KW 900

    Wow very nice job. Excellent work.
  4. Jersee Jerry55

    My new project 1970's style

    Thanks Sam
  5. Jersee Jerry55

    My KW W900A Aerodyne

    Thanks Tom
  6. Jersee Jerry55

    My new project 1970's style

    Thanks Tom
  7. Jersee Jerry55

    My new project 1970's style

    Hello all and hope everyone's well. Started a new project that I have had for a couple of years. Got into Class 8 vehicles back in 1975 at a New York State Regional Truck Rodeo. Was totally taken in and have loved these vehicles since then. Have had an AMT KW K123 laying around for a couple of years. Originally I had painted her bright Yellow, with a Brown frame. Along the way I had successfully glued in the rear suspension misaligned. therefore she sat for the better part of a year before I decided to approach this build again. Got a new suspension and other parts from a friend. removed the old suspension albeit losing some rivets on both sides of the frame in the process. Stripped the cab and frame paint. Added in the new suspension, and primed and repainted the cab. The pictures you see are where I am thus far. This is the first time I did a two tone paint job. I think it came out pretty good. The last picture is what I am patterning my project after. I just need to decide if I am doing 10 holes all around, or 10 holes on the fronts only and spokes on the drive axles. Also single or dual exhaust stacks.
  8. Jersee Jerry55

    My KW W900A Aerodyne

    Thank you. Very cool can't wait to see your finished build.
  9. Just trying to actually finish one not manufactured by Revell would be nice. And I am totally serious.
  10. To all good day and hope everyone's well. So with this on my mind my IH Transtar 4300 project starts. The cab is painted in Model Master Daytona Yellow lacquer. The IH 800 engine which I have found out is referred to as the "boat anchor' is painted in Walmart off brand spray paints. The engine is in Fire Red, and the transmission is in Flat Black, both are enamels. The interior is a Khaki and Brown with Brown seats. As you can see by the pictures I still have a bit to go on the engine and will post pics when that is complete along with pics of the cab. After thinking long and hard I have decided on Flat Black for the frame and associated parts. In a previous post I was undecided about the frame color. The inspiration for that decision is from a truck I came across on the internet. That truck is pictured below.
  11. Jersee Jerry55

    why trucks?

    Simple. 1975 I attended a regional carrier Truck Rodeo in Long Island NY (Nassau Coliseum parking lot) with my friend Jimmy. Fell in love with an old CF White Freightliner slim line single drive. From there is was trucks, trucks, trucks. Until I was 18 and then it was girls, girls, girls. Have built all sorts of models over the years, planes, cars, trucks. Still building all types since picking up the hobby again in 2016.
  12. Jersee Jerry55

    My KW W900A Aerodyne

    Paul, Hi hope all is well. Thanks very much for the comments. I like to use black craft acrylics watered down and wiped off. No engine grease has a conscience in real life. Big rigs as opposed to classic or muscle cars rarely look showroom new so I like to make that apparent in my works. Next up after this W900A is my Transtar 4300 day cab. Still hung up on the choice of frame color on that. Choices are now between Red, Navy Blue, Dark Green, or Semi Gloss Black.
  13. Jersee Jerry55

    My KW W900A Aerodyne

    Good day all and hope all are well. In the throes of my KW W900A Aerodyne project. This is how far I am thus far about 80% done. Model Master Classic White and Ultraviolet Pearl lacquers.
  14. Jersee Jerry55

    My Fathers Day gift

    Paul, Good morning. It's Model Master Ultraviolet Pearl (!997 Ford color) lacquer rattle can.