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  1. I have been wanting to build this for a long time. I remember seeing these trucks on the road and at their shop. I back dated the cab a little. Powered by NH 230 Cummins.
  2. This is a build of a truck from my past. I accidentally knocked down a wash shed with this truck.

    Mack R-Model Hammill Construction

    Thanks! The door decals were made by Charles Rowley. Thanks!

    A small save and rebuild

    Amazing detail as always Charles! Excellent work! I like the boom.


    Welcome to the forum!

    Almost there

    Looks great!

    1971 Autocar A64B & Haulaway Trailer

    Very cool build!

    Glosson C-O 4070A

    This is another one of the trucks that I remember seeing a lot of when I was a kid. This one is a single axle with a 230 Cummins.

    Blue Devil

    I may still have some door decals if you are interested. The first ones made for me were wrong and the door shields had H I I on them like the trailers instead of H T I. Most people wouldn’t notice the difference. If you are interested in those, let me know. Looks good.
  10. DRIPTROIT 71

    Blue Devil

    Welcome to the forum!!
  11. DRIPTROIT 71

    Rubber Duck Mack

    Great looking Rubber Duck!
  12. DRIPTROIT 71

    CF Pusher Freightliner

    These trucks were used to push trucks over Donner pass. It is powered by a VT-903 and backed by a 5 speed Spicer. The big air tank is for the air starter. I cut the cab down to 72”.
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    CF Pusher Freightliner

    Thanks Charles!!
  14. DRIPTROIT 71

    Hello from Kansas

    Welcome aboard! Looking forward to seeing some of your builds!
  15. DRIPTROIT 71

    CF Pusher Freightliner

    Thanks! I agree, I guess that’s kind of why I like these old trucks!
  16. DRIPTROIT 71

    CF Pusher Freightliner

    Thanks Brian!!
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    CF Pusher Freightliner

    Thanks Vince!! I had been wanting to build this one for a while now, but I also have about 100 others I’m wanting to build as well.😀
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    Hello from Michigan

    Welcome aboard!!
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    Double post
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    My grandfathers 1950 farm truck

    I like it!! Excellent work!!
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    Hi everybody

    Welcome to the forum Brian!
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    CF Freightliner pusher truck

    Thanks Vince! I agree that I didn’t want it to be gaudy. I figured that after the snow had stopped falling that the heat from the engine and cab would have most of the snow melted off in that area.
  24. These trucks were used by CF to push trucks over Donner pass in the snow. I will start with the AMT kit. It has two options; a 63” daycab or a 86” sleeper cab. My reference truck appears to have the 72” cab. So that is where I am starting. 63” cab 86” cab: New 72” cab:
  25. DRIPTROIT 71

    Straight stacks

    I do the same thing as Vince except I make my elbows. I use solid Evergreen stryrene and heat it over a small t-light candle to make bends. Make sure that you get it hot enough before trying to bend or it will kink. I sometimes use it for the entire stack and drill out the end especially if it will have a turnout at the top. It was recommended on another forum to use stainless drinking straws like you can get at Micheal’s for stacks, but I haven’t personally tried that yet.