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  1. Chris K

    Greetings to All!!!

    Welcome Tim
  2. Chris K

    1960 GMC B7000 wrecker....

    Great looking truck.
  3. Welcome to the group. Great looking truck.
  4. Chris K

    T800 Kenworth Logging truck

    Those look pretty nice.
  5. Chris K

    Alaskan Hauler(ish)

    I have the factory suspension and axles on. There's no rear cross member yet as I plan to fab one better than the kit. The engine is just sitting in place right now. Brake chamber have yet to be added as I plan to upgrade them and include spring brakes on both axles. The initial run of my upgrade parts. Each one needs a slight amount of adjustments before the final print is made.
  6. Chris K

    IH 9600

    Great looking build.
  7. Chris K

    Alaskan Hauler(ish)

    I 3d printed a frame extension. Chose to go with a 3" stretch.
  8. Chris K

    Alaskan Hauler(ish)

    Next build is going to be a highly modified Alaskan Hauler. I'm building this for the YouTube 2024 Big Rig Group Build. I plan on this being a rig that has been well maintained and upgraded thru the years, but now a show rig. Kit engine is built up and primed so I can see where more work is needed. Don't know what the deal is with this particular white AMT molded this in, but it's hard to see the seams. Basic frame is together, this will soon be stretched.
  9. Chris K

    T800 Kenworth Logging truck

    Going to be a good one.
  10. Chris K

    AMT Diamond Reo with logging trailer

    Great looking build.
  11. Chris K

    Post Apocalypses RV

    I didn't do any scanning. How I came up with my parts depended on what I was doing. With the kit parts, such as the frame extension I simply measured the kit part and duplicated those dimensions. Other parts, such as the reefer and APU.....I found a bit of dimensional information on the internet and then just interpreted the rest based on those dimensions and photos. Once you have an item modeled, it's pretty easy to re-scale it to another size.
  12. Chris K

    5600 International heavy hauler

    Really nice build.
  13. Chris K

    Ryder Ford H Model

    Can't imagine sleeping in that tiny box. Great looking build.