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  1. Thanks! It's a completely different kit than the RoG 359, that's for sure. Neither are 100% perfect, but with some effort and determination you can go far with them.
  2. Joris

    Peterbilt 359

    Thank you! This one has never been modified or rebuilt since I put it together. For the moment I'm keeping it like this anyway!
  3. Joris

    Peterbilt 377 Fleet Tractor

    Thanks! It's an older one, but it was fun to do this. And you're right, the 377 seems like the ugly ducking, not just in real life but also in modelling. Too bad, I really like them.
  4. Thank you! Indeed, it's a good combo.
  5. This Peterbitl 379-127 I made in the last months for a Facebook Build-Off. Casey here asked me to do a blog about the building of this truck, you can find it on this site. The truck I'm calling done. P&P 379-127 parts (note the newer style mirrors and window sills, and therefore it has a newer style dash to match) and I think the big toolbox on the rear I got from P&P as well. Frame stretch, to manage a lift axle. Big Cat C15 under the hood. The C15 and lift axle are products by moluminum.com. Front and rear bumper are scratch built, the rear fenders are modified Revell of Germany items.
  6. And here's the finished result of my work. With the license plate and IFTA decals on, and outside pictures in decent weather, I think I can call this truck done. All that's left is the Build-Off judging itself...
  7. Joris

    Peterbilt 379-127

  8. The Beast is done! In the last week I finished up on the big Peterbilt, scratchbuilding a deep bumper and adapting the rear fenders. If you look closely, you can recognise the fenders from the Revell of Germany "Canadian Hauler" kit in them. Also the mirrors are one, as well as the license plates. IFTA decals on as well. Now only I have to wait for decent weather to make outside pics; at the moment nature's not really cooperating...
  9. The Build-Off Peterbilt is getting close to completion! I have the hood functional, the mirrors are on and I made a big bumper from styrene. All that's left is the fenders over the rear wheels; I'm still not sure about the definite style and way of attaching them, but I have some time left to figure that out. License plate decals and IFTA decals are last. The stack tips are in place as well, but I'm not really sure If that was smart. I might have to work on the underside of the truck a little for that. Oh well...
  10. A little progress on the Build-Off Pete. Not much, but haven't had much time to tinker around. I'd say the truck is on the home stretch here; mirror brackets are on, rear mudflaps and tail lights. The exhaust tips I have ready as well, just waiting before I have put some work behind me that could snap them off again. The hood is done and waiting as well, I just need to figure out the hinges since the resin aftermarket part isn't prepared for the kit's hinges. Also I fear that I might have mounted the cab a little too high (talking about halves of millimeters) so I need to set the hood just right. With all the effort on the C15, I try to make the hood functional. After that it's off to the upfitter, for the custom bumper and rear fenders. Mirrors will be the last items on, last decals will be the license plates.
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