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On request: building a Peterbilt 379



The Build-Off Peterbilt is getting close to completion! I have the hood functional, the mirrors are on and I made a big bumper from styrene. All that's left is the fenders over the rear wheels; I'm still not sure about the definite style and way of attaching them, but I have some time left to figure that out. License plate decals and IFTA decals are last. The stack tips are in place as well, but I'm not really sure If that was smart. I might have to work on the underside of the truck a little for that. Oh well...


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     Never tried a frame stretch. That looks nice. Check your pic size, its taking forever to load. When you do a frame stretch, what about the other parts like drive shaft and others that factor in? That is a sweet build!

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Same question. Secret to stretching a frame and lengthening drive shaft. Any tips, also, on adding another drive axle?

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