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    On request: building a Peterbilt 379

    Hi: Never tried a frame stretch. That looks nice. Check your pic size, its taking forever to load. When you do a frame stretch, what about the other parts like drive shaft and others that factor in? That is a sweet build!
  2. intruder500

    Current trailer build-WIP

    Hi Pops: That looks sweet! Love the spread! Have been looking at this kit and you may have just sealed the deal for me. Great work! Stephen intruder500
  3. intruder500


    Hi: I'm a newbie in here and what I used for most of my plastics is not really a glue at all, but a bonding agent. It's called Bondene. It is a clear liquid and is like water. Use a small brush to apply. You put your pieces together, leave a small gap, touch the brush with bondene to the gap. It will flow through capillary action down the joint. Squish the pieces together and it's done. For long seams, repeated applications are need for each section but will be stronger than the plastic around it. The plastic will break before the bond will. I swear by it for plastics. For clear parts I use a clear parts cement. For resins, super glue or epoxy. Stephen intruder500
  4. intruder500

    LNG Trailers

    Hi All: Where do you guys find the tanks for pressurized cargo like LNG? Is this a scratch built thing or what? Thanks in advance... intruder500
  5. intruder500

    Moebius 53’ trailer

    Brian: What did you use to do the rear doors of the trailer? Looks awesome! intruder500
  6. intruder500


    WOW! Just freakin WOW! What a great build! I have built eight trucks and trailers so far. Four Volvos, 3 780's and one 670. I really love your interior work. Nice color contrasts, looks like you could get in and drive off! I am kind of timid about showing my work in here. You guys have some real killer stuff! I have built aircraft for a bazillion years and can quote you armament loads, camo colors and Federal standard numbers. When it comes to these things? I am so lost! I have been looking at manufacturers sites for paint refs and some interior ideas but even the high gloss finishes scare the crap out of me. One step at a time I guess. Again great work, keep it coming! intruder500
  7. Hi All: How do you guys do all those fancy paint jobs? I am so used to doing military stuff that doing custom paint scares the crap out of me! Where do you find the stripes, flames, and all that other stuff you see on big rigs? I have been looking around but not finding much. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Stephen C. intruder500
  8. intruder500

    What glue will work.

    Hi: I have been using Bondene or Flexifile Plastiweld. Both work great and the bonding time is seconds. Lay it in the seam with a small brush, squish the pieces together. Wait a couple of seconds for the plastic to ooze up and dry, sand the seam and you are done.
  9. intruder500

    Hi from Vt.!

    Hi All: Just found this place and it is fantastic! Hope to learn things from you all. Stephen C intruder500