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  1. william1963

    Moebius 53’ trailer

    heloo my name is william i have the mobius 53 ftreefer trailer i want to add air lines to the air tank andadd air lines to the brak chamers and on the moebius air tank it dosednt have any thing to add the airlines to the air tank or therelayvalve to the air tank how would i make the airrelay valve thank you from william
  2. william1963


    hello my name is william dosed any one have pictures of the wires running from the compressor to the air tanks for the 3406 catpilar disel engine thank you from william
  3. william1963

    1955 Mack H-63

    that's very nices looking mack truck
  4. william1963

    Transtar high cab.

    nices looking truck my uncle used to drive a transtar I used go on the road with my uncle when I was akid
  5. william1963

    1955 Mack H-63

    very nices looking truck
  6. william1963

    Truckin' Music

    I love the movie of convoy