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  1. Close Tolerance

    Scratch Building Stacks

    Filling it with sand is a technique used in the tube bending industry but it can be hard to do on our scale models. I find a piece of round plastic rod that fits snug inside the tube, it doesn't have to be very tight, but the tighter the better. Let the insert exceed the tubing and you should be able to pull it out after the bend is done. You may need some good pliers to pull the plastic rod out of the aluminium tube, that's why you don't want your insert to be overly tight. Beerz, Felix
  2. Close Tolerance

    why trucks?

    Like it's been said above, I built trucks for the variation: You can take a single kit and build it a thousand different ways and scratchbuilt just about anything to suit it. No other model genre allows you that freedom. Just think about the tank builders, a realistic tank model can only be built a certain amount of different ways according to country, units and so on. Trucks are unlimited! Beerz, Felix
  3. Close Tolerance

    Logging trailer

    Modified AMT's Peerless trailer, working suspension, working stinger, folding stakes, 10 holes wheels. Modified AMT's Lowboy, narrowed main section, working folding neck extension, scratch built landing gear, air ride, Revell's snap wheels with AMT tires.
  4. Close Tolerance

    CAT 3406 in LTS9000

    Revell's snap Cat 3406 fitted into Ford Snowplow kit, modified into a LTS9000 using Plaskit resin hood. Scratchbuilt fuel tanks, catwalk, exhaust, airlines etc.
  5. Close Tolerance

    Ford LTS9000 Provost

    Highly modified AMT's Snowplow: Plaskit resin hood, spreaded rears, spoke wheels from Astro kit, scratch built tanks, fenders etc.
  6. Close Tolerance

    Mack DM800 Oilfield Truck

    Modified Mack DM800, Italeri wheels and plastic tires, square headlights, modidied grille and fenders, updated interior.
  7. Close Tolerance

    Mack DM800 Winch Truck

    Modified Mack DM800. Stretched frame, Italeri wheels with plastic tires, scratchbuilt winch deck and tower.
  8. Close Tolerance

    Twin Steer, Aerodyne K100 Logger

    Weathered AMT K100 with modified Peerless and Lowboy trailers. Scratch built air ride and folding neck on primary trailer.
  9. Close Tolerance


    AMT Kenworth K100 with added steer axle, cab was shortened from 108" to 86", stock engine swapped to a 350 Cummins.
  10. Close Tolerance

    Twin Steer K123 Daycab

  11. Close Tolerance


    Modified AMT K123. Modified frame, second steer axle added, cab shortened from 96" to 63", modified doors, scratch built fenders, ladders etc.