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  1. Earl Miller

    1955 IH RDTC Highbinder

    Nice looking old truck man. God Bless
  2. Earl Miller

    C-F Freightliner COE

    Nice little Freight shaker God Bless
  3. Earl Miller

    Built from the snap kit, W-900

    Very nice and like Casey said it took some work to get that sleeper changed over. Very good job. God Bless
  4. Earl Miller

    Cat C-15

    Great Detailing on this one good photo's for reference. God Bless
  5. Earl Miller


    Welcome Roger This is a good site. I've been away from it for a while but now I'm going to be more involved. I know Casey personally and a few other's on here so there all willing to help with anything just ask. God Bless
  6. Earl Miller

    Bandag K.W. K-100 12/28 up date

    Looks good. God Bless
  7. Earl Miller

    Custom Anteater

    Very cool looking God Bless
  8. Earl Miller

    Lowboy Truck Frame

    Got this much done then everything stalled again. Hope to get back on it soon. God Bless
  9. Earl Miller

    My First Build Peterbilt 359

    Looking good man God Bless
  10. Got the frame started for this Project Stretched it in the front for the long Hood I built for it more to come as I get it closer to being finished. Also here's some Pattern's for the Interior Overhead Console and DoorPanels that will be added to this one. All wood will be stained then Gloss Coated to make it look a lot better. God Bless
  11. Earl Miller

    Casey's Fenders

    I thought I would post these here to be sure they would not be over looked this is a set I got from him and out of the box there very nice and clean. These have been wet sanded and turned out real nice. God Bless
  12. Earl Miller

    My fleet

    The latest it's almost finished God Bless
  13. Earl Miller

    My fleet

    This is going to be a basic build of what my little fleet of Heavy Haul Trucks will look like. It will have some after market parts and my colors are going to be BlacK with this green and a little Light Gun Metal . God Bless
  14. Earl Miller

    Peterbilt 359

    Cool looking Pete. God Bless
  15. Earl Miller

    1969 Peterbilt 359

    Looks good. God Bless