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Peterbilt 379-127 Hill & Hill Trucking

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This Peterbitl 379-127 I made in the last months for a Facebook Build-Off. Casey here asked me to do a blog about the building of this truck, you can find it on this site. The truck I'm calling done. P&P 379-127 parts (note the newer style mirrors and window sills, and therefore it has a newer style dash to match) and I think the big toolbox on the rear I got from P&P as well. Frame stretch, to manage a lift axle. Big Cat C15 under the hood. The C15 and lift axle are products by moluminum.com. Front and rear bumper are scratch built, the rear fenders are modified Revell of Germany items.


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1 hour ago, b-lever said:

Very nice looking truck 

It certainly is.  I cant believe that I hadn't commented on it before.  Check out the blog he did about it.   Joris' Blog

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