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    Yikes!!! It's been almost 4 months since the last update..... Have not had much time in the hobby room due mostly to work, going into a slower part of the year so hopefully more free time... It's a roller! Finally got it up on all fours...scratch built rubber air line and frame fitting (Right front). The entanglement of wires and etc. on the Left front of the engine is what will be going into the cab to represent electrical, tach drive and air lines. Kind of hard to see, scratch built rubber power steering lines between power steering pump and steering ram cylinder Scratch built a shifter cable between transmission and what will end up in the cab area...kind of hard to see...its on what is the bottom side of the transmission and towards the rear in the picture. Up next is installing the PTO pump and shaft and wiring and installing the battery box.
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    The cab and engine are from Jamie. The fenders, rear bumper, breathers and swan are from Casey, here at MTB. The trailer was by Gary Wallace and have been told that they are very rare.
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    Whipped up a shipping container and found some ratchet straps.
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    Mirrors, door handles, and other such getting taken care of.
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    Stevens International reissue of the AMT kit. It was updated to 1982 spec by removing the "Gear and Lightning Bolt" medallion, widening the fender lips, and moving the door lock cylinders. The Cummins 6BT, Allison 6 speed auto, and air to air intercooler are from Iceman Collections , and the sleeper came from Too Many Projects . Wheels and tires are Moebius and the rear air suspension uses modified GMC General doodads. Paint is Colorshot Kale. It was supposed to be a matte finish but it came out a bit glossier that I would have preferred.
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    Rear lamps ✔️ License plate ✔️ Mud flaps ✔️ Well, one end of the truck is in the bag.
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    Making progress, wheelset together, brakes finished, mud flap built, adding a tool box. Finish work then paint.
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    Cut down the pass through and repositioned the exhaust for a closer fit between cab and sleeper. Yeah... That's better. 😁 Cab clearance lamps are also in place.
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    Added the fuel tanks and some AITM tool boxes. Not sure if I'll use the Mercury sleeper or make a headache rack.
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    Chassis is more or less dialed in. And so's the interior.
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    Reshuffling things a little. The chassis wasn't working out the way I wanted, and I borrowed parts from the V12 for another Autocar project. So I'm going a bit more basic with a Cummins. Chassis came from a White Road Boss, and it'll have some old AITM one piece wheels and tires.
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    So, this is a project I've been considering for a while. Just recently, I decided to take a shot at it. 1975 Diamond Reo Rouge. Only about 50 were ever built, during a time when Diamond Reo was in trouble and about to change ownership. It is unknown if any survive today. I'm scratch building one in 1:25 scale, using a scaled down set of body builders drawings purchased from Joe Whitman at T-Line Trucks. The basic cab is cut from .020" Evergreen sheet. I've also made extensive use of my new Tamiya panel scriber. Can't recommend that particular tool enough, and I don't know why I never got one until now. Here's the basic cab shell, shown with the line drawings being used as patterns. Here's a slightly clearer shot of the scaled drawings used as patterns. Again using the scale drawings as templates, and with a steel straight edge and the Tamiya panel scriber, the window openings were scored, then cut out. The door lines were done in the same manner, less the "then cut out" part. The begining of the rockers and fenders. It was at this point I started to realize that the Rouge is a decent size truck. Here's a quick size-up with a Ford C Series. Size wise the Rouge is about in between the C Series and something like a Peterbilt 352. Again I broke out the drawing, ruler, and scriber to create the grille panel. A standard hole punch was used to make the headlamp openings. They'll be enlarged and tweaked for correct position of the bezels, which I'm probably gonna swipe from my stash of spare C Series parts. Here is the grille being pieced together from various plastic strip. And here it is in primer with the Diamond Reo logo in place. If you'll excuse me, after making the outline for the Diamond Reo emblem on the grille, I need to lay down for a couple hours until my eyes uncross.
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    Atlantis Toy and Hobby kit built out of the box and heavily weathered. Since the last one I built had the roof, windshield, lights, and tall stakes, I chose to do the open cab version this time.
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    Well, after a long absence, this one is back on the bench. The cab and hood have been painted in Chrysler Forest Green Pearl. And now it finally has a face...
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    I've been trying to get a few stalled projects either finished or progressing again lately. Since it's been slow at my workplace I've been taking advantage of the couple extra hours I now have at least a couple days a week for that.
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    Working hard toward the finish line.
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    I'm actually looking at getting a truck for farm usage. When and if I do, I'll probably fix it up similarly.
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    ...Thanks Gary....working on the build as spare time permits. Got the PTO pump attached and the battery box attached and wired....scratch built a Ford starter solenoid. Will start working on the cab and cab interior soon. Got some P.E for the cab.....lots of little pieces, but it should bring the WOW factor, least I hope so.
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    Getting some bench time today. More fabrication done and making some brake backing plates.
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    Tamiya Linoleum Deck Brown
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    Here we have the cab and hood started. First, the firewall needed some corrections, most importantly the intake port needs to be the same on both sides. I’m not sure why Italeri goofed that up, but the opening on the vehicle’s right side, left facing the firewall, needs to be lowered and modified to match the other side. While I was at it, I removed the shallow example of a windshield washer reservoir with the intent of rebuilding a more realistic version to attach to the firewall. I eventually decided to make one that mounted to the radiator housing instead, as seen in an earlier post. Then, I cut out and created the pocket for the windshield wiper motor. I added an Ultraroof from Models by Dave, and it has the visor mounting brackets built-in. I broke a couple of them, but made the repairs. They are delicate. A lot of filler to smooth things out. I’ll also need to add rivet detail to replace some of it that was removed during the bodywork process along with some that wasn’t there to begin with. The 379-127 hood is a Bill Drennen casting, purchased from P&P resin years ago. It’s a bit hard to find nowadays, but contact Jamie at Moluminum, he has the molds. I added inner fender detail, along with a good deal of clean-up and filler to get everything as perfect as I can. I’ll also be adding proper rivet detail to the hood shortly, just like the cab. It’ll still need more filler, sanding and a final coat or two (or three) of primer and filler/sanding in between, before rivets are added and a final coat of primer before paint. Preparation can be frustrating, and it is 90% or more of the finishing process, but it’s a necessary evil. I added an improved center hood trim piece from styrene strip/shapes, and that’ll get some rivet detail as well. To better fit those bigger front tires, I added fender flares from re-worked Italeri 378 fender trim with styrene strip/quarter round. The “J” hood hinges are from GW trucks. For the cab floor, I decided to experiment with balsa wood strips and laying the “hardwood flooring” similar to the real thing. Sanded and stained, I like the results, and it’ll just need another coat of floor wax. Probably won’t be able to see the cab floor very well on the completed build, but it’s cool. Certainly easier to lay this type of flooring than in real life! I hope you’re still enjoying the build. More to come…
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    So I had an incomplete AMT plow truck, a box or two of spare Louisville parts, some AITM rear wheels and tires, and some Models by Dave cab steps. I decided to combine the whole mess into one tattered tractor. The quad headlights came from a White Road Boss, I added them after seeing a junkyard Louisville that had been fitted with a similar setup.
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    Making some progress on the trailer. Using a new height gage to get all the axles set correctly so I don’t have one wheel hanging in the air when I finish.
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