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    ...Finished Black washing and dull coating the engine...still a couple of shiny spots that need knocked down some more. Started out with a shiny Pewter Gray from the rattle can.....the end result after applying some earth tone colors, Black wash and a couple coats of dull coat. My wife Amy is choosing all the color for this rig and I must admit that she has a better eye for color coordination than I do.....should turn out to be a unique trash truck yet fill the bill as far as trash trucks are concerned if that makes any sense. Next up is the frame/chassis
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    Decking cut but needs some fine tuning, paint on. Next, lights, decals and some additional details then back to truck.
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    Took a break from the truck today and started the trailer build. Using the AMT Lowboy kit as the donor. Will not use the beaver tail, will stretch to 40ft. Build a set of 10 hole wheels. Paint will be turquoise for the frame and semi gloss black for suspension/axles.
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    This one was built from the AITM cab.
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    The last is a Great Dane Reefer from the old Ertl kit.
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    Quick mock-up to locate fuel tanks
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    Building time has been at a premium, again. Between life and work , I have not had much time to glue two pieces of plastic together, let alone any major progress. I have completed the engine, except for wiring the starter, attaching the governor cable to the transmission, Black washing and dull coat. The lines that are sticking out all over the place are the fuel line, governor cable, air line to tank and power steering hoses. I had to use some artistic liberties with plumbing the power steering pump as locating decent pictures was virtually impossible. My very first truck engine but not my very first engine.
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    Quick mock-up after first color on, new cab, new hood with molded in grill, different front bumper. Got the headache rack painted as well
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    Yes, I’m trying to save the chrome grill/hood ornament at the same time. The kit has the wrong suspension, the sleeper is a real pain, the fuel tanks where crap and so on. Kinda why I stopped working on it and gathered a new plan
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    I build all my trucks so that no axle turns and agree that is just an accident waiting to happen especially when the grandkid’s are nearby. I do the same but use solid plastic axles and I use Moebius wheelset most of the time. Before glueing the tire/wheel combo on, I will take the time to rotate them, mark them so they all line up well and make contact to the flat surface. Takes time, but to see a finished rig with an inside dual hanging in the air just looks strange.
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    Heres one of the reference pictures of the back side of the 1:1 engine showing the proper shape and size of the head to intake manifold area