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    I finished this one last month, while I was off work. I used Moebius duals and steers from singles pack. Scratchbuilt the mudflaps and stack. I tried a little engine detailing, modified an Alaskan Hauler headache rack, and installed an MTB swan.
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    Built almost entirely with left over parts from other kits. Holmes 750 style wrecker unit entirely scratch-built.
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    Good to see you picking this build up again.
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    Oh yesss.. "Trailer got the slider damaged when it got knocked off the shelf" Hate it when that happens. HeHe , well, back to work then. 😎 Good to see you back. Johnny
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    Pierce Brothers Fabrication in Sickles, Michigan, is known for many things. Orange Dodge trucks and Cummins 6BT swaps. While this Cummins swapped Dodge is not orange, it serves as a test subject and demonstrator for a typical Pierce Brothers swap. Starting with a forlorn 1971 L700, the brothers swapped in a 6BT and 47RH automatic transmission. The hubs and brakes were upgraded with late model Freightliner parts, and the old cast iron wheels were then replaced with Alcoa aluminum wheels and modern radial tires. The brothers left the exterior exactly how they found it, aside from adding their logos to the doors, Cummins decals, and newer mud flaps. The story is much the same inside, although the sears were recovered in blue and white material. Even the aftermarket cassette deck sound system and aftermarket air conditioner were left in place. And yes, it all still works. Model is a Lindberg kit set up on Moebius wheels and tires. Iceman Collections supplied the Cummins 6BT and a Revell Sidewinder supplied the 47RH. My spares box provided the doodads found throughout. Paint is some matte aqua I had handy.
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    this is a fairly old build.If my stuff turns out as nice as this one I'm happy,as its my favorite
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    I saw a pic of the 1/1 truck and knew I had to copy the stripes 300" wb,amt bunk,camaro seats,glitter steering wheel,scratch built aux. trans.,visor and fenders from the parts bin
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