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Brian Conn

Greetings from Kansas

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  Hello, I'm Brian from Topeka.  There's a couple names here that I already recognize, Paul, who is a fellow member of the Ad Astra Modeling Club here in Topeka and Dr. Kerry.

  Got back into model building in 2007 after a 20 year hiatus,  Since 2007, I scratch built 1955 and newer Ford, Mercury, Edsel and Lincoln dirt track stock cars.  I always told anyone who would give me an ear that if I ever get tired of the dirt track stuff I was moving on to fire apparatus and commercial trucks.  In the last few months I have transitioned away from the stock cars and moved on to commercial trucks and fire apparatus.  Presently, I am working on the Ford C 900/ Garwood LP 900 trash truck.  This is my first truck build, exception being a deuce and half that I scabbed together when I was 9 or 10 years old.

  As far as the fire apparatus goes, it's American La France 700 series (1947-1959) and the 800 series and American Fire Equipment from the 60's and 70's for me which means a bunch of scratch building to look forward to.   


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Hey Brian, good to have you on board. Please keep posting and send pics when you can.

I'm pretty new here myself, and that's why I know you're welcome. Folks on the forum will love anything you send in. I know that's true because they seem to like my stuff, and I send in the most random and poorly photographed submissions on the board. I've always loved actually building and customizing models, but I'm not very good at staging and photographing them. Plus I had to get my granddaughter to show me how to post, so...

Anyway, welcome!



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....thanks for the welcome....

  Will be posting the W.I.P on the trash truck soon, right now I am having an issue with the computer recognizing the digital camera....hopefully get it resolved soon. 

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Welcome aboard, Brian. Good to have you here.

It’s not the busiest forum, but the models, tips, and ideas on here are great. The MTB store sells some great aftermarket products. But most of all, everyone has always been kind and helpful.

Looking forward to seeing your refuse truck build. I’ve been considering getting one of those kits, myself.

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