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  1. Been about three years since I finished a semi tractor or heavy truck of any kind, so here's my triumphant return. I guess. I had the notion to build a hot rod shop truck, and kind of combined that idea with an AMT Autocar A64B. I started with an incomplete Stevens International kit I'd had laying around for several years. The engine is a Detroit V12 made from AMT and GW Trucks parts. The whole mess is lowered and sits on wheels from the infamous old Turnpiker Peterbilt 352, and the front tires are from a Revell Bill Signs 359. The rear tires, get this, are from the Revell Jeep CJ. Other than the height they're otherwise exactly the same as the 1:25 front floats. Same width, same tread and sidewall lettering, same I.D. even, just slightly taller overall. The single axle air suspension was made from spare parts and scratch built air bags. The headlights in this kit always looked dinky to me, so I replaced them with some lights from a Revell '32 Ford. The Haulaway trailer is pretty much box stock, aside from wheels and tires to match the tractor, and mud flaps cut from .020" styrene. The models on the trailer were all ones I had sitting around, and were built between about 2008 and 2020. Upper deck has a '76 Scout II, '53 F100, and '70 Ford Custom, while the lower deck carries a '75 Matador and '62 Impala.
  2. Cornbinder

    Ford CL9000

    Beautiful model! I have the KFS cab in my stash but haven't built it yet. It intimidates me just a little bit. :D
  3. Cornbinder

    Weathered Autocar

    Looks like it just came off a muddy two track... but not too muddy. Can't wait to see it paried up with the dump trailer.
  4. Cornbinder

    Ford Louisville Flat bed

    Love that shade of green. The truck has a nice, purposeful look to it.
  5. Cornbinder


    Wish I had this much ambition! I've had a Crosley Farm-O-Road scratch build planned for years and I can't even be bothered to do that.
  6. Cornbinder

    IH Paystar 4x4

    Love it! I've always wanted to do something similar fitted with a flat bed.
  7. Cornbinder

    Glosson C-O 4070A

    Shaping up quite nicely. With that color scheme she'd look right at home in East Lansing.
  8. Cornbinder

    1968 Dodge D800 Dump

    Love it! I still see these occasionally in use as farm trucks.
  9. Cornbinder

    Reo Gold Comet

    I'll have to buy that cab now because my father has a 6x6 Reo out behind the barn.
  10. Cornbinder

    15.8L Caterpillar 3406E Custom Reman

    Damned shame that has to be covered up by a hood.
  11. Cornbinder

    1950 Ford F4 Wrecker

    I love it! I have those same decals somewhere.
  12. Cornbinder

    International RF-190

    Love these trucks. You definitely did the subject justice.
  13. Cornbinder

    Peterbilt 358 twin stick 1100 cab

    Love it!
  14. Cornbinder

    Mashpee 354 International R190

    Shaping up to be one beautiful brute already!
  15. Cornbinder

    1965 Ford F100 Utility truck.

    I must confess I bought way too many of these when they came out