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1930 Model AA truck model

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Here's my new model of a Ford Model AA 1-1/2 ton H.D. Express truck. I know of no '30- '31 Model A closed cab bodies so I had to build this one. It started out as an old 1930 Model a coupe kit. I cut the rear portion of the body off along with the rear part of the top with the rear window. The curved body sides and back panel were scratch built. The rear belt moulding was added along with interior details that were fashioned to fit the cab. The front fenders, hood and grille shell were used from the kit. The chassis, rear axle, springs, rear fenders and express body were all scratch built. The wheels were a set from Scenes Unlimited. Interior of the box is painted Ford gray and the body is finished in Lombard Blue. Note that the body paint is not polished. Ford did not polish the paint on commercial vehicles as a  cost saving effort. In late 1930, due to lagging sales, they did offer polishing as an extra cost option on trucks and fleet orders. Today, you'll see very few "restored" Model A trucks that are not polished! The front fender wheel well is made from a rear fender from the kit and the rear fenders are made from layers of plastic then carved and sanded to shape, The bed sleepers are made from wood as is the paneling in the bed. The interior has the exposed wooden structure that would be in a truck, but it's not evident in the photos. Glass is thin sheets of clear plastic cut from a shirt stiffener. Enjoy the photos! Now it's on to figuring out the next project. Maybe a Model of the Walton's express truck! 










Cab back.jpg

truck 8.jpg

truck 9.jpg

truck 10.jpg

truck 11.jpg

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That looks great!

I like the angled top edge on the bed. I remember older trucks with that configuration. Very helpful in loading if you're hauling bulk materials like gravel or feed.

Interesting factoid about the factory not polishing the paint jobs on some commercial vehicles. I did not know that. Makes sense, though, especially if you're never going to wash the truck anyway. It was a kinder and gentler and less glossy time, I guess.

The little tail light and license plate in the rear view are another perfect detail. Congrats!


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