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Freightliner FLC120

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Here’s my recently completed Italeri Freightliner. Was the first truck kit I ever built as a kid. Loved building it again. I used wheels I’ve designed and 3D printed myself. Other than that it’s OOB, with a few spare decals thrown in.









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Nice weathering. The wheels are excellent, great job with those. Wheels are often overlooked, I think. Like my wife would say about shoes, they make the whole outfit come together.

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21 hours ago, ModelTruckEnthusiast said:

I'm still waiting for one of the kit manufacturers to do like Moebius did and offer wheel kits, only this time do it with 2 hole and 5 hole Budds and let the builder choose paint color

Well, thats why making my own. Going to put a website together and start selling them. Costs too much to by them from the States now. Loved Jamies rims but import and shipping has killed that for me.


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