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  1. goingsouth58

    Ford CL9000

    great job
  2. goingsouth58

    378 pete super b grain trailers

    great work
  3. goingsouth58

    scratch built LW 924 Kenworth

    looks good
  4. goingsouth58

    K 100 1/6 scale

    great work
  5. goingsouth58

    v-8 r model mack

    that is a great build love them macks
  6. goingsouth58

    Reo Gold Comet

    great work very well done
  7. goingsouth58

    alaskan hauler

    nice work
  8. goingsouth58

    Dodge D800 Dump

    man that is sharp
  9. goingsouth58

    scratch built LW 924 Kenworth

    wow very nice
  10. goingsouth58

    353 pete 16 wheel jeep 16 wheel lowboy

    very nice build looks great
  11. goingsouth58

    Ford T8000 dump

    wow great build
  12. goingsouth58

    Kenworth T800 Quad Axle Dump

    great lookin dump truck
  13. goingsouth58

    Pierce Enforcer 1750 pumper

    very nice build
  14. goingsouth58

    2020 Builds

    great builds