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  1. goingsouth58

    Brockway 760

    nice truck good job
  2. goingsouth58

    Transtar II Log Truck

    great job very nice detail and paint just just a great truck
  3. goingsouth58


    very neat job great work
  4. goingsouth58

    Quarantine Builds

    them 2 are very nice like the day cab
  5. goingsouth58

    Quarantine Builds

    I love them all. don't which one is the best they all look great
  6. goingsouth58


    great lookin rig love them l model fords
  7. goingsouth58


    that is a great lookin job realy like it. you know avery body is proud of there builds weather they meat some kind of standard . but thay are just a proud of them I have 10 or more I could show but I don't know weather to or not. I thank aver build is great to me.
  8. goingsouth58

    Freightliner FLC120

    good lookin build
  9. goingsouth58

    Revell Peterbilt 359 Farm Truck

    great lookin build like the mix match tires do not see that enuff on this kind of build looks great
  10. goingsouth58

    Mashpee 354 is finished.

    great builds a++++
  11. goingsouth58

    Weathered AMT K-123

    this is when they look ther best. great job
  12. goingsouth58

    Freightliner COE Dual Drive

    very nice truck
  13. goingsouth58

    Mashpee 354 International R190

    looks great very very nice job
  14. goingsouth58

    new here

    hi my name is scott I enjoy model trucks I have been doing models for a bout 50 years and I enjoy looking at you alls thanks scott
  15. goingsouth58

    MACK from waay back

    looks great so far I have 3 that I am building hope they looks as good
  16. goingsouth58

    transtar ll 4070f

    best paint I have seen wish I could do that good
  17. goingsouth58

    International 4200 built in 1989

    great lookin truck
  18. goingsouth58

    Metal body

    that is very neet looks like a great job
  19. goingsouth58

    Mack R685ST

    looks great I love any kind of macks
  20. goingsouth58

    1980 LNT 9000

    looks very real
  21. goingsouth58

    Freightliner COE Resto-mod

    great built great drtail looks very good