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IH Transtar 4300 day cab project here goes nothin' commences

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To all good day and hope everyone's well. So with this on my mind my IH Transtar 4300 project starts. The cab is painted in Model Master Daytona Yellow lacquer. The IH 800 engine which I have found out is referred to as the "boat anchor' is painted in Walmart off brand spray paints. The engine is in Fire Red, and the transmission is in Flat Black, both are enamels. The interior is a Khaki and Brown with Brown seats. As you can see by the pictures I still have a bit to go on the engine and will post pics when that is complete along with pics of the cab. After thinking long and hard I have decided on Flat Black for the frame and associated parts. In a previous post I was undecided about the frame color. The inspiration for that decision is from a truck I came across on the internet. That truck is pictured below.





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Nice work and cool project.

 I worked for Walton P Davis in Locust Valley L.I. N.Y. in 1973 and they had a few dozen of them and ran horses and Moving trailers up and down the east coast. All V8 powered and ran with trucks with "real" engines quite easily.  The issue like the Allis Chalmers "Big Als" was lack of service facilities.

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