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  1. Yeah the instructions for the brakes are terrible. I fought with the same thing on the Pete 352 kit (same frame).
  2. Hi all: Burgandy was a popular interior color for the IH 4300 Eagle -- does anyone have a good "burgandy" paint (i.e. Testors, Model Master, Tamiya, etc.) ? Thanks
  3. I'm starting a 4300 build as well. Do you know how you are going to address the issue with the front wheels not being centered in the front fenders ? I know this is an issue with this kit. Thanks !
  4. Hi all: I know that the AMT/Ertl IH 4300 Transtar kit -- if built out of the box -- has the issue where the front wheels are not centered in the front fender wheel openings. Has anyone done a build with this corrected ? The front springs are molded into the frame rails so it's a bit tricky -- hoping someone can post some pics of their solution to fix this. Thanks!