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  1. Sam I am

    AMT Autocar A64B

    Sweet rig!
  2. Sam I am


    Nice work Brian. Welcome aboard.
  3. That is beautiful! A friend of mine builds wooden ships also.
  4. Sam I am

    Big and small Cruiseliners 11/14 update

    Looking forward to these.
  5. Sam I am


    Welcome to the site Mel. I live just outside of Newport Oregon, and I just knew you had to be building a log truck.
  6. Sam I am

    Mack R685ST

    Great looking truck!
  7. Sam I am

    new here

    Welcome aboard Scott
  8. Sam I am

    1983 IH F-2674 Tri-axle Dump

    Thank you Brian. Just the widening and lowering of the box makes a huge improvement over the kit version. Your dented treatment is just icing on the cake.
  9. Sam I am

    1983 IH F-2674 Tri-axle Dump

    Brian, before I saw what you did with this box, I just wanted to throw them away they looked so ugly. Now I want to know exactly how you modified it so I can copy it. 🙂
  10. Sam I am

    International 4200 built in 1989

    Nice build. I am seeing quite a few trucks done in browns and they all look great!
  11. Sam I am

    My new project 1970's style

    It will look great with the cab color.
  12. Sam I am

    1/32 AMT Kenworth W900 Aerodyne

    That looks great!