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Mack F Model Byrd Motor Line

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That's beautiful -- also, love the fuel stickers 💗

I can't even guess how many miles I've driven in that same red F model, Dayton wheels and all. I used to drive for this guy who had like 15 of those -- all alike --  but only one had a chrome grill shell -- the rest had the standard silver-painted Mack original equipment. Whoever was his favorite driver that week got to use the chrome grill shell until they ticked him off and then he'd repo it when the driver wasn't looking and give it to someone else.

So ya never knew until you got to the yard -- maybe chrome, maybe not.

Keep on truckin'


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It's amazing how rugged a simple box can look. 😁 Looks like a particularly rough ride but at least it's got a roomy sleeper.

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