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So, this is a project I've been considering for a while. Just recently, I decided to take a shot at it.

1975 Diamond Reo Rouge. Only about 50 were ever built, during a time when Diamond Reo was in trouble and about to change ownership. It is unknown if any survive today.


I'm scratch building one in 1:25 scale, using a scaled down set of body builders drawings purchased from Joe Whitman at T-Line Trucks. The basic cab is cut from .020" Evergreen sheet. I've also made extensive use of my new Tamiya panel scriber. Can't recommend that particular tool enough, and I don't know why I never got one until now.


Here's the basic cab shell, shown with the line drawings being used as patterns.



Here's a slightly clearer shot of the scaled drawings used as patterns.



Again using the scale drawings as templates, and with a steel straight edge and the Tamiya panel scriber, the window openings were scored, then cut out. The door lines were done in the same manner, less the "then cut out" part.



The begining of the rockers and fenders. It was at this point I started to realize that the Rouge is a decent size truck.



Here's a quick size-up with a Ford C Series. Size wise the Rouge is about in between the C Series and something like a Peterbilt 352.


Again I broke out the drawing, ruler, and scriber to create the grille panel. A standard hole punch was used to make the headlamp openings. They'll be enlarged and tweaked for correct position of the bezels, which I'm probably gonna swipe from my stash of spare C Series parts.



Here is the grille being pieced together from various plastic strip.



And here it is in primer with the Diamond Reo logo in place.

If you'll excuse me, after making the outline for the Diamond Reo emblem on the grille, I need to lay down for a couple hours until my eyes uncross.

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