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  1. Tbill

    Mack Quarry truck

    That is pretty cool, great weathering on that.
  2. Tbill

    Road Boss Custom

    Cool build, we must both have a thing for green road boss trucks, lol. love the subtle changes you made, makes you look twice.
  3. Tbill

    Road boss

    Another old one..
  4. Tbill

    Western Star 4964

    I hear ya, ADD runs rampant in the build room, lol. I build a lot of cars as well, so it’s double ADD at my bench. Got a bit more done on the trailer,
  5. Tbill

    CF set up

    This took forever to finish, first cab broke my stones , so it got boxed for quite some time, then they reissued this kit, so I bought one just to get another shot at the cab, took about 3 years to finally complete it. Not as good as I would have liked it to turn out , but ya get a clunker every now and again.
  6. Tbill

    KW wrecker

    Another build that’s a couple years old.
  7. Another one a few years old, paired with a ‘Double Take Replicas’ flatbed.
  8. Few years old now, paired with a ‘Double Take Replicas’ lowboy.
  9. Tbill

    Western Star 4964

    It’s a nice kit I think. Lot of people get scared of the multi part cab, but the parts are molded so nice, its no big deal. I did a 377 A/E and a pete 378-119 classic, built the cabs around the floor, removed the floor, finished the cabs and interiors , then slid the interior into the cab. Can be tricky, but it works.
  10. Tbill

    Western Star 4964

    Trailer progress
  11. Tbill

    Aussie KW

    Mostly box stock, used different wheels and tires.
  12. Tbill

    Western Star 4964

    Oob , doing for an online thing at another site, making good progress. Pairing it with an AMT flatbed.
  13. Tbill

    1982 Peterbilt 359 Custom

    Yes,yes you do. 1/2 hour a day will yield results😁
  14. Did this one awhile ago, paint job was a happy accident.
  15. Built this a few years ago,