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  1. Dr. Kerry

    Pete wrecker rebuild

    Lol, visor will cover it... Hee hee Yeah I’ll fill it in to level it off though. Gotta get back into building again!!
  2. Dr. Kerry

    KW T-800 Quad Dump Truck

    Coming along great!!! Been away for awhile, gotta get back here and see all the greatness!!!
  3. Dr. Kerry

    Pete wrecker rebuild

    This is for a build on another forum. The truck has been built and then rebuilt two times prior, this being the third and hopefully last one, by me anyway!! Revell Pete 359 cab, hood, bunk house and stretched chassis. AMT Pete wrecker bed. My rebuild this time will update it a bit. Twin booms this time and an underlift on the back.. Engine will have a turbo mounted on top for extra boost!
  4. Dr. Kerry

    posting a picture

    Hope ya got it figured out Pop’s!
  5. Dr. Kerry

    My first model kit

  6. Dr. Kerry

    My Youtube channel

    No vids......
  7. Dr. Kerry

    Pablo Fernandez

    Welcome aboard Pablo!!
  8. Dr. Kerry

    IH CO 4070B Johnson

    Beautiful rig! As always you build some nice stuff!!
  9. Dr. Kerry

    My next build

    Gary Wallace gwtrucks@yahoo.com 16 inch rails $8.00 a pair 19 inch rails $10.00 a pair (order)
  10. Dr. Kerry

    John Newman

    Welcome aboard John!!
  11. Dr. Kerry

    The new guy

    Welcome aboard!!
  12. Dr. Kerry

    Hello! Fellow Plastic Cowboys!

    Welcome aboard Wes! Can’t wait to see what you do! Do you drive truck too?
  13. Dr. Kerry

    New to the site

    Welcome to the forum!
  14. Dr. Kerry

    Hi, newbie from UK !

  15. Dr. Kerry


    Welcome Rob, saw a few of your builds! Like what you do and can’t wait for more!