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  1. Easy enough question right? I've been curious to know how everyone displays their trucks and /or trailers. Do you have a glass display case? Open shelves? custom lexan covers? I'm not sure if this has been covered or not, if it has I'm sorry. I'm just curious to know how everyone displays their works of art.. That and trying to get ideas of how I want to display mine! Post photos if you don't mind, if you don't want to or can't post pics that's ok too! Thanks in advance and can't wait to see your displays!! Doc
  2. Dr. Kerry

    Hello! Fellow Plastic Cowboys!

    Welcome aboard Wes! Can’t wait to see what you do! Do you drive truck too?
  3. Dr. Kerry

    New to the site

    Welcome to the forum!
  4. Dr. Kerry

    Hi, newbie from UK !

  5. Dr. Kerry


    Welcome Rob, saw a few of your builds! Like what you do and can’t wait for more!
  6. Dr. Kerry


    Nice Marmon! Hope to see more of what you build!
  7. Dr. Kerry


    Welcome Mel! Building rigs is addicting!
  8. Dr. Kerry

    new here

    Hola! Welcome aboard
  9. Dr. Kerry

    Just arrived here

    Welcome aboard!! Have fun, can’t wait to see your builds and check out what you build!!
  10. Dr. Kerry

    My next build

    Have you thought about using extruded frames? They are one piece and cut to length. I know there are a couple places to get them. It’d be “a little” cheaper than buying two kits..
  11. Dr. Kerry

    Peterbilt 378-119

    Beautiful rig!!
  12. Dr. Kerry

    My kenworth w900 and reefer trailer

    Daannnngggggggggg!!! That is one beautiful pumpkin! I mean rig!!!! Love it all the way around, color, style and look!
  13. Dr. Kerry

    Kenworth and Steer Car

    Ok, I haven’t done too much on this build lately but I’ll post it up anyway. I have another project I’ve been working on and am hoping to get back to this shortly. I’m using the KW T600 as a base kit, resin W9 hood, stretched the frame and added a tag axle. Chassis is painted now and wheels installed. The Steer Car is a Peterbilt 359 with a Z’d frame and cut down cab. No engine as they are steered by electric servos.. This is where it is so far. I’m also building a tri axle dolly that the beam will span across that and the Pete.. It has the mirrors from the T600 on it. Tow bar on it.. cab and hood are painted a burgundy color right now but not happy with it. May get re painted!
  14. Dr. Kerry

    Kenworth and Steer Car

    I need to get back to it again! Been working on my Pete wrecker lately!!
  15. Dr. Kerry

    Kenworth and Steer Car

    Thank ya!!
  16. Dr. Kerry

    Transtar high cab.

    Very nice! Always liked the IH rigs!
  17. Dr. Kerry

    Kenworth and Steer Car

    Thanks Paul! Been on hold for awhile.. getting outside projects done lately and now getting ready for a rummage sale. Yay! Not! Hope to get back to it soon!!
  18. Dr. Kerry

    Got room for another Mack?

    Looking oh so good!!
  19. Dr. Kerry

    My new project 1970's style

    Looking good Jerry! Especially now that I know it’s not a green rig!! Bronze all the way! Lol 😆
  20. Dr. Kerry

    1970 Ford F100 4x4

    Nice build! Love the colors on it..
  21. Dr. Kerry

    Alaskan KW100 Tri Axle

    Looks like a true work horse!!
  22. Dr. Kerry

    K.W. COE Hot Rod

    Wow! Very nice rig!!!
  23. Be nice to see the real one back up and running again!!