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Found 4 results

  1. Bully

    Mack R685ST

    When I started in the oilfield these trucks were workhorses,as in many other industries,I couldn't wait to startb this one
  2. Going to build a very rare r model that was a real factory option from mack. The RS-771L and RL-771L came with a 12v71 detroit and were only built for a few years. To fit the v-12 they used the standard long r700 hood and extended the cowl panel to clear the motor.I have some parts from moluminum, double take, gary wallace and a few guys on ebay.
  3. Close Tolerance

    Mack DM800 Oilfield Truck

    Modified Mack DM800, Italeri wheels and plastic tires, square headlights, modidied grille and fenders, updated interior.
  4. Close Tolerance

    Mack DM800 Winch Truck

    Modified Mack DM800. Stretched frame, Italeri wheels with plastic tires, scratchbuilt winch deck and tower.