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  1. Tbill

    New to the forum

    Welcome aboard, look forward to seeing your builds.
  2. Tbill

    My Fathers Day gift

    Yes to all of it, lol. Old molds , nothing fits quite right and instructions are so/so . Lots of test fitting , filing and sanding required. The Astro /Titan cabs sit way too high. I know, great help huh? But these kits require some patience, but can make for a beautiful build when done.
  3. Tbill

    Bison Port Container Shuttle

    Oh yeah😎
  4. Tbill

    Bison with Gin Pole

    That’s a great build, I don’t see a lot of these trucks built.
  5. Tbill

    Another newbie

    Welcome to another familiar ‘face’😎. Ya, I have more rig kits than I’ll ever build, but, better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it....( ya, I have a plastic addiction....)
  6. Tbill

    New from pa

    Welcome, good to see we are all finding our way here😎
  7. Tbill

    Class 325 Version 2 is complete

    I’ll admit, I may not always post in your topics, but I always look at them. Your skills and level of detail just blows me away on all of your builds. Another fantastic build, always a pleasure to follow and to absorb the finished product.
  8. Tbill

    Pete 352 and lowboy

    Thanks everyone, and I do seem to have a flair for color combo’s, lol. I usually start every build by painting the body first , once I figure the colors and get it in paint, it keeps me motivated to finish the build.
  9. Tbill

    why trucks?

    I’m a hoarder I suppose, lol. Going to NNL east in April, so I’m sure the stash will grow a bit here shortly ......
  10. Tbill

    why trucks?

    Yeah, I’m around 800+ kits.....
  11. Tbill

    Kenworth and Steer Car

    That’s just too cool!
  12. Tbill

    why trucks?

    Lol, sometimes it’s 4, sometimes it’s 6 or more...., my name is tom, and I’m a plastic addict......( and I didn’t even show the car/pick up hoard)
  13. Tbill

    1978 Mack U-Model "Overnight"

    Another great build off your bench, fantastic job!
  14. Tbill

    Hello everyone, new kid on the block here

    Welcome aboard, nice to see some more familiar faces here 😎
  15. Tbill

    TMC Pete with Mercury sleeper

    Looking good Doc, good to see you here😎