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  1. Blue Devil

    Log trailer

    has any one ever built a light weight 4 blaster log trailer scratch build
  2. Blue Devil

    Blue Devil

    Thank you I made the viper bumper stacks tanks quarter fenders taillight bar and deck plate and hoses.
  3. Blue Devil

    Blue Devil

    There some pictures of what I've gotten done so far still looks like a little kid is doing it. But it's only my second model I've ever done..
  4. Blue Devil

    Blue Devil

  5. Blue Devil

    Blue Devil

    Sure I'm interested in them I was just talking to a friend of mine about getting some signs made up.. here is my address Lee Helms 2057 county road 6645 Banks Al 36005. And let me know what I owe you. And I will get it to or if can help you any way let me know..
  6. Blue Devil

    Blue Devil

    Thanks I'm trying . To a real good job it still dont look as good as yalls. But maybe one day..
  7. Blue Devil

    Blue Devil

    Here is some pictures of what I have done so far on 2nd truck.
  8. Blue Devil

    Blue Devil

    Thanks for the info on the classic xl freightliner. And idk much about the model world just getting in it I'm working on 2nd truck. But if I can help in any way let me know
  9. Blue Devil

    Blue Devil

    Hi I'm Blue Devil I drove trucks for 19 years and i met and married my wife and she didn't like trucking so i got out of it and went back to working on them. Been doing that now for 10 years. And I decided one day to try and put a model truck together. And it came out ok it dont look as good as the ones I see on here.. I'm starting a 2nd one and ita a cabover freightliner. I wish I could find a Freightliner classic xl condo.like I drove . But have been able to.. but any way is some pictures of the 1st truck I done..
  10. Here is some pictures of my second truck I'm working on now.. 





    1. Blue Devil

      Blue Devil

      Here is a update picture of the cab and quarter fenders I made.. and I also made the fuel tanks.. 





  11. Hello my name is Lee Helms AKA Blue Devil. I'm a x truck driver I drove trucks for 20 years.. but gave it up to go back to working on them...  I like putting model trucks together when I have time too.. im working on my 2nd one I have ever done.. I get upset when I cant get things to work or look like I want them. My first one looks like a 3 year old done it. And my 2nd 1 is not looking much better lol.. I wish I could do as good as the ones I see on here there is some real sharp looking trucks.. maybe one I will.. 

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