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On request: building a Peterbilt 379



Some work has been done on the big beast. I completed the engine setup, which means that I put on the exhaust system. For that I had to attach the cab to have the exhaust stacks in place.  I cut off the exhaust tips, I want different tips. And while I was at it, I also put on the sleeper.
Wheels I put on the axles; I used chromed 10-holed wheels with round holes from an Italeri Western Star kit I had saved, because I ran into a little issue with the lift axle. The rims I ordered fit the axle hub, but they are too wide for my taste; the tires that came with them have a pretty rough thread, more fitting on a dumper I think. It took some consideration, but my buddy Patrick Tompkins gave me a tip about using AMT wheels. They're a little smaller, like 22.5", and they would do well. These wheels come with round holes, and to keep the wheels more or less looking uniform the Western Star wheels were to go on the other axles. I put Italeri trailer tires on the front axle, they're a little wider than the standard truck tires. I do need to remember to put on the axle hubs on the front axle, though...
With the battery boxes and tanks in place, the truck has now entered the "Roller" stage; she should be able to move under her own power now. I'm getting more and more happy with how this truck is turning out!
As you might notice, the truck has two extra air tanks inside the frame, right about where the lift axle is located.


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