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  1. D.O.T. Bob

    CF Freightliner pusher truck

    Man that's nice!
  2. D.O.T. Bob

    Wilson flatbed upgrade

    Nice work! The nail strips are a plus! Got many a splinters from them in my hay day.
  3. D.O.T. Bob

    Experimental Ender 3 print

    Thanks! Sadly the wheels & Tires are from Scenes Unlimited that is now out of business. Looking at Mo-aluminum for possible future projects
  4. Before the beginning of the 1937 GMC COE with a Phillips elliptical tanker . My original intentions were set on building a 30's/ 40's single screw mixer. Playing around with the Ender3 3D printer I found a mixer drum file. After coating the ender3 print with resin and sanding it smooth along with a printed funnel and a scratched frame for the mixer drum this is a "what if" so to speak. Being the 37 GMC has been used for a tanker combo I have a 1950 Chevy COE resin cab itching for a build.
  5. D.O.T. Bob

    Declining aftermarket manafacturer's

    I have been searching the net for print files. I have found several really nice files for Rims, fenders, bumpers and some other items worthy of printing. Only one of which was pre-supported, No biggie there. Been keeping our Anycubic mono really busy! Not so much for the filament printer, But I did manage a mixer drum. Not sure if mentioning the various sites names is permissible or not .
  6. D.O.T. Bob

    1953 Reo Rescue is done

    Very nice! Inspiring
  7. D.O.T. Bob

    Ford CL9000

    Super sweet
  8. D.O.T. Bob

    Ford T8000 dump

    Mercy what a gem! The weathering in the dump box is spot on! WOW!
  9. D.O.T. Bob

    1937 GMC COE

    Thank you!
  10. D.O.T. Bob

    Hello from Kansas

  11. D.O.T. Bob

    1966 Kenworth Drag Truck

    Very nice! Love it
  12. D.O.T. Bob

    1937 GMC COE

    I had the urge to build a 1937 GMC cab over. Purchased a Flintstone 37 Jimmy cab and some Scenes Unlimited 20" rims & tires. The rear wheels on the trailer are from AMT (parts box). The remainder is scratch built. Its coming along slowly.
  13. Hello , I haven't posted here for some time but haven't quit modeling. I have noticed a very sharp decline of aftermarket manufacturers. Auselowe is still around . However I noticed American Industrial and now Scenes Unlimited have closed up shop and sold their remaining inventories to ST supply. I have been 3D printing quiet a lot lately however STL files are few & far between. * Late entry: I just found the forums store page.
  14. D.O.T. Bob

    3D printing

    Hello everyone. Its been a long while since I posted here however, I have come across a 3D resin printer. I have found a plethoa of print files for a lot of things but 1/24 & 1/25 scale parts are nill. I was wondering if anyone knows of any sites that have printing progams available for Scale Trucks. Strictly for my own benefit & not for re-sale. Its a long shot, but what the hey anyway The squeaky hub gets the grease. Edited for typo}
  15. D.O.T. Bob

    Hello from Kansas

    Hello BuddyT ! I am a Wichita area modeler as well. I haven't been on here for quite a while but when I saw your post I had to break my silence and give a warm welcome.