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  1. Vince P

    Diamond Reo

    Very nice love the color
  2. Vince P

    Mini cow chow freightshaker 1/87

    Things will get better I hope see what karma has in store for me
  3. Vince P

    Mini cow chow freightshaker 1/87

    Going to be slow as in 2 weeks finally going through divorce I'll be in and out gang
  4. Vince P

    Mini cow chow freightshaker 1/87

    Hoping to pick up where I left off Trailer got the slider damaged when it got nocked off the shelf So waiting on new parts Still trying to find tubing for the shakers door hinge as I have 0.008 wire just need the tubing So as stated hoping to update this in next week or 2 I'm back
  5. Vince P

    Mini cow chow freightshaker 1/87

    Thanks Gary & Vincen47 things are rough but managing much appreciated on the thoughts
  6. Vince P

    Mini cow chow freightshaker 1/87

    Okay gang I'm back still here been a rough period to say the least Wife had a heart transplant. 2019 Early this year left leg and foot amputated So haven't really been in a modeling mood last few years And divorce coming in January Just hope yall can understand
  7. Vince P

    Mini cow chow freightshaker 1/87

    Well got some trailer work done the slider & reefer are by A-line and the slider functions. Also cored out the reefer exhaust with a #80 drill bit Painted 3 wobblies red and a replacement grey wobbly. Still a ways to go but made a little progress. Also got my Detroit 8V71 and my crackerbox inline Jimmy painted in Detroit alpine green. Getting there more to come over the next several weeks.
  8. Vince P

    Mack Terrapro

    Super cool Paul.
  9. Vince P

    Mini cow chow freightshaker 1/87

    Thanks Paul slow as a snail wait I think a snails faster lol. Taking my time on this one not sure what trailer will go with it yet.
  10. Phone blipped & lost a lot of the early build pics on this one. Started with an athearn ho 1/87 scale Freightshaker coe. Opened the drivers door which will be hinged with. 0.014 tubing with 0.007 wire to mount it to the body or vice versa. Alloy forms roof airfoil, many Plano PE parts going into this mini beast, scratched frame, scratched axles and suspension, Ratcliffe resin Driptroit 8V71 with Fuller lone ranger transmission hehehehehe, and a whole bunch of other scratched and PE parts. And Napa provided genuine Driptroit alpine green
  11. Vince P

    Yard Parts Ford LN8000

    Nice 70's look with wobblies.
  12. Vince P

    Yard Parts Ford LN8000

    Paul that's looking really nice. Like the Mercury sleeper adds justvthevright touch.
  13. Such a nice Masterpiece in the works looking Beautiful.
  14. Vince P

    Yard Parts Ford LN8000

    Cool like the looks of it so far.
  15. Vince P

    U Guessed it Yup Newb here

    Thanks Paul hope to post pics soon. On hold at the moment fighting emissions testing to get tabs back on my ride.